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Saturday, June 1, 2019

Boyzone's Coming Back!

They are coming back! They said they would and now it’s confirmed that they will! 

If any of you have read my post on the Boyzone concert that I attended in August last year, you’d remember that I was hoping that the boys would come back for one last show. For a moment there my hopes were dashed when they announced a series of shows that did not include Manila. It was such a pleasant surprise that after that round of concerts they teased that there would be a few more shows back in Asia before they finally, truly, disband. 

Last year I was able to purchase tickets on the day they were released but I was not able to get good seats. It was crazy considering that I was purchasing my tickets the morning of the first day of release! I was determined to do better this time around and, as luck would have it, I was able to get in touch with the production company that would be bringing them over. Going directly to them not only got me third row, center seats (compared to last year’s far behind and to the right), but the chance to be part of the Meet & Greet with Boyzone themselves, which I had wanted since last year! Note to self: next time you want good tickets, go straight to the producers! 

The concert, which will be held on June 23rd at the Mall of Asia Arena, feels so close and so real now that I’ve received my tickets from All Access Productions. I’ve been told that they are still waiting for all the qualified ticket holders to reach a certain number before they contact us about the details of the Meet & Greet. If it’s anything like what I’ve seen from recent shows on their Instagram, that would be a chance to watch their soundcheck and get to ask questions and all that. I do hope that there is a chance to meet and speak to them up close and take photos with them. It’s my last chance to do this with one of my favorite bands from my college days and I’d love for it to be something truly memorable. 

With all this excitement over the upcoming concert, I’ve started writing my “dream novel” again. A historical fiction drama inspired by real-life events in Manila during the Japanese Occupation. Why am I inspired because of the concert? It’s mostly because I’ve had the idea for the book from some Boyzone songs (Paradise, She Moves Through the Fair, among others). I’ve also written these guys into the book as pegs for some of the characters in the story, with Ronan Keating being my inspiration for the male lead. I hope I get to finish the book this time around. Maybe this concert and Meet & Greet will be the inspiration that I need to finally get it done.

As I’ve done last year, I will be sharing this experience with my youngest sister. She grew up listening to me play Boyzone songs and videos over and over and their songs have been as much a part of her life as a child as it was for me as a college student. It would be a great bonding moment for us since she will be getting married at the end of this year. 

I am, as they say on their side of the globe, over the moon that I will have this opportunity to enjoy one last Boyzone show before they split up. Hopefully, one day when I finish my book, I can send it to all of them to thank them for inspiring me to write it. It would be incredible to know what they would think about it! 


  1. Because I loved them in their early years, it's not quite the same without Stephen Gately.

    1. I loved them from the start too. Yes, it's not the same but it's still a great show to watch. They did a wonderful tribute to Stephen the last time they were here.


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