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Sunday, June 2, 2019

Cool Citrus Basil Memories

Life has been very stressful for me lately. The weather has been unbearable. I have work responsibilities and problems to take care of. I have family responsibilities that need to be addressed. I have personal goals that I would like to accomplish. I have people in my life who have greatly disappointed me. I have health issues that are making all of the above difficult to concentrate on. Remember Jennifer Love Hewitt in I Still Know What You Did Last Summer where she’s screaming and asking what more the killer wants from her? That is my level of stress right now. I’m in desperate need of a good break. 

More than a decade ago, I took a vacation in Cebu (with a few nights in Makati on the side, if I’m not mistaken). It was probably the last time I took a real vacation — one where the trip was not work-related with some personal travel on the side, not a trip where I had to take charge of the itinerary or a trip where the office called or emailed me every day to do something even when I was on leave. This was a REAL vacation that I took with my cousin and a few of her friends. I loved every minute of it.  

It was a trip where we didn’t plan anything but just randomly chose what to do for the day. We lounged by the pool, hung out by the beach. Walked around random tourist spots and took meals at places suggested to us by the locals. Stress was so far from my mind at the time that it was nonexistent. 

Sadly, a trip more than ten years ago is the last real vacation I’ve had. I wish I had the luxury of time and money to be able to do that again. Shangrila Mactan will always hold a special place in my heart because of it. Because of that trip, I am forever grateful to my cousin who took it upon herself to give me a break by letting me join her and her friends on that trip, to the point of paying for my expenses as well. I will always appreciate how I was treated by her friends. They never let me feel like I was an outsider joining their group when I was with them.  

One thing that will always remind me of that trip is the scent of citrus and basil. I remember having a cologne from Bath & Body Works called Cool Citrus Basil that I used during that trip. It’s too bad that the scent has been discontinued because I really loved that one because of all the memories that it brings to mind. 

These days I’d be lucky if I can have one day away from the office where no one will contact me for something they need. It seems far-fetched right now for me to go on a week-long vacation and be incommunicado with the responsibilities I have at home. 

I’d love to go on that kind of vacation again someday. It would be good for my sanity to go on a trip away with a friend or two, no communication from work, and no plans except to relax, have fun, and enjoy the company. Hopefully, it won’t take another decade more before I do. I know I need (and deserve) one right about now.   

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