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Saturday, June 8, 2019

Kolours Signature Series Review

My hair has been a big issue for me these past few years because of the gray hair that keeps popping up. I wouldn’t mind it much if I didn’t look so stressed all the time and having that hair color seems to make it worse. I’ve taken to experimenting with box hair colors and after several rounds of using L’Oreal, I decided to give Kolours Signature Series a try.

Kolours is a local brand and their Signature Series is a collaboration with actress/model/painter/TV and Social Media personality Solenn Heussaff. There are three shades in the series: Ash Brown, Honey Amber, and Raspberry Red. I recently saw a photo of Kim Chiu with Strawberry Brown hair so I chose Raspberry Red.

The first thing I noticed was that when my sister and I opened the boxes (I used two because my hair is long) was that the two bottles of developer had different shades. One was considerably lighter than the other. We did a double-take and looked at the shade name on the boxes thinking that we got one wrong but apparently, we didn’t because both were labeled the same color. We found that weird but we still went on with it.

After applying the color as instructed and rinsing it off, I was surprised that my color ended up looking bright and orangey. I was disappointed because the Raspberry Red color of Solenn’s hair on the box was a darker shade and was very red. My sister said that the color might fade a little after a couple of shampoos but that wasn’t much of a comfort for me. It was obviously not going to be any darker than what I currently had.

The Before and After

Don’t get me wrong, the color was not awful. In fact, I’ve received compliments about my hair color, with people saying that the shade suited me. It’s just that it wasn’t the color that I was going for. I had a specific look in mind and I didn’t get it. I know I could change it now but I’m worried about damaging my hair so I am going to wait a while before I do it again. 

I think that I can color my hair again in about three months once the roots start showing. I’m going to have to choose another shade, hopefully this time I can get the color that I want. I’m not sure if I want to use Kolours again though. The shade I prefer in the Signature Series is just Raspberry Red, because the other two are already too light for my taste. I just might go back to L’Oreal because they also have great gray hair coverage and I always get the color that I’m expecting when I use it. 

I wonder if there was something wrong in the packaging process and the wrong shade was in that one other box, the one with the lighter shade of developer? Maybe that’s why I got a different color than what I had expected? 

Part of me is wondering how long I can maintain all this coloring. Maybe I should color my hair gray and just let it go after that. Maybe I should just embrace the gray and get this all over with! I mean, it is all going to be that way eventually. My mother stopped coloring her hair and now her hair is a salt and pepper color and it’s not so bad. I have a cousin who doesn’t color her hair and she looks good with all the streaks showing too. Am I too young to let it go that way or should I give it a shot? 

What do you think? 


  1. Alam mo naman we people with thyroid issues are susceptible to graying hair. High school pa lang ako may gray hair na ako.

    I don't color my hair on my own. I would buy a box with the color of my choice (usually auburn or red—don't like browns) and have it done by someone else in the mall. But I agree, the problem with most hair color is that most of them turn brassy or orange after a while which is really not nice. There was also a particular line of Revlon hair color (Luminista) that gave me a burning sensation on my scalp that I end up applying Aloe Vera gel everyday.

    I would use an ammonia-free hair color shampoo (I use Lifestrong Hairfix) when gray hair starts showing because having a hair color again might damage my hair. I don't know if you're hiyang with that but for me it works. Under the sun, my hair is almost like Solenn's hair on that box.

    Do not go all gray yet. It's too early for that.

  2. Hi Vayie!

    I've never heard of that Lifestrong Hairfix shampoo before...where do you buy it?

  3. I bought mine at SM Makati but it is also available at Watson's.

  4. Hi! ATM am coloring my hair using thr Kolours Signature series Honey Amber. The Colorant tube when i opened it is white anf i mixed it with the developer hoping it would turn into a diff color. It didnt change. The dye is totally white in color and even after few.minutes its still white. Am giving this 45 mins on my hair and if this doesnt turn to any color i will complain to the company.

    1. Oh no! Please let me know how it goes! I wasn't able to take a photo of the developer before I used it so I couldn't complain (no proof so I decided not to anymore). I hope you took a photo before you used it!


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