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Friday, August 30, 2019

Cutting Back on Streaming

I call myself a pop culture junkie because I’m into a lot of pop culture things, especially in the entertainment industry. An example is how I love watching movies and TV shows via streaming sites. At one point I think I was watching so many shows and movies that I was losing sleep from being a couch potato. There were just too many things on my “To Watch” list and there wasn’t enough time. It didn’t help that I was watching too many shows that had too much action/violence and depressing topics. It was taking a toll on me and I just could not take it anymore. I needed to cut back and have more positive thoughts in my mind.  

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Taking a step back and looking at the list of shows that I’ve been watching, I realized that I was watching way too many crime shows. People getting murdered, abused, and being victims of various types of crime and experiencing an assortment of trauma is not exactly the kind of thing that promotes positive thinking so that was out of the question. Ditto with shows featuring secret agents and other similar shows.  

I was watching a bunch of superhero shows too. While they did involve heroes saving the day and all that, they did involve a lot of dark themes that I felt was not good for me either.  

You know what I realized after weeding a lot of shows off? There are very few shows that have a feel-good theme. Everything just seems so depressing these days. At this point, the only superhero, crime, or drama show that I watch tends to be the type that puts in a lot of humor and/or light-heartedness into their show, and those shows that I enjoy I can count with one hand (and one of them recently got canceled). But frankly, it’s been a good thing. I don’t lose sleep from too much TV anymore and I LOVE IT. Couch potato mode is off right now for me.

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In a way, I guess this is me doing a Marie Kondo on the type of media that I take on. If I feel it will spark joy for me, I will watch it or read it but if it will only make me feel bad then I’d rather not do it, no matter how popular any of these books or shows or movies may actually be with everyone else. I think that there is far too much bad news already in the real world that causes too much anxiety for me to add on to it with depressingly dark-themed entertainment fare.  It feels good to let go of something that was contributing to my feeling so down lately.

It’s nice having more time to do other things than just binge-watching shows to catch up on what everyone else has been talking about. With me ignoring the whole FOMO thing and taking time for my other interests, I suddenly feel like there is not enough time. I can’t help but feel like there are so many other things that I loved that were sacrificed for TV/movies. That I really need to do the other things that I love again and rediscover who I really am apart from my obsession with binge-watching.  

Watching too many things on my tablet or on TV has been such a waste of my time. What do I have to show for what I gave my time to? Nothing. Totally unproductive use of my time that won’t matter in the long run. I’d really like to change that and make time for the other things that I’ve ignored for so long like yoga, art, writing, and my little experiments in the kitchen. I’ve always wanted to plant some fruits and veggies at home but never found the time. Maybe now I can finally do that. It might actually be a more relaxing and fulfilling alternative compared to what I used to waste my time on.  

As I read somewhere before: “Life is short. Do things.” I leave you all with my wish that you may lead a fulfilling and productive existence and find happiness in discovering yourself through your daily life (and things). Let’s all take it literally people, let’s LIVE! 


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