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Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Concerts I'd Love to See

In a recent post, I talked about my experience watching the Manila leg of the Boyzone Thank You and Goodnight farewell show. Their last two Manila shows were probably the first concerts from foreign musicians that I’ve seen in a long time, with the most recent before that being a toss-up between Alicia Keys and the Davids (David Cook and David Archuleta, fresh from American Idol). I can’t really remember which one was the more recent of the two.  

So many foreign artists have come and go and while I do love a lot of them, prices for these shows are often so expensive that I need to pick and choose which shows I really want to go to. I’ve gotten my quota of shows for the year with the Boyzone show but if any of these artists were ever to come in for a show or two, I would be happy to make the exception because of how much I love them: 

Janet Jackson 

I know that Ms. Janet is doing shows in Vegas now, but I would be over the moon happy if she ever came over to perform here in the country. Her music was a part of my younger years and her dancing was a big influence on my own love for dance during my teenage years. I can still remember the days when I would dance along to her songs like Rhythm Nation and If and how much I loved singing along to her music (there are way too many to mention because she just has an extensively good discography).  

Jennifer Lopez 

To this day I remember the first time I heard If You Had My Love and the first time that I played On The 6 on our stereo system at home. Jennifer Lopez has songs that I often danced and sang along to and her performances are always on point and high energy, so I know that watching her would be well worth the money. I’m such a fan of this woman and it would be amazing to see her show in person if I would ever get the chance.


Again, another amazing performer whose shows are unquestionably entertaining and on a whole other level. I’ve been a fan since Destiny’s Child, and I’ve followed her career since then. I think that like Janet and J Lo, her show would be worth the watch!

Taylor Swift 

People might say that in my 40s I may not exactly be her target market, but I just love Taylor’s songs, especially the last couple of albums (I've been playing her Lover album nonstop these days).  There are several of them that I can relate to and some that have inspired me as a writer. One day when I publish my book(s), this woman will be one of the people that I will thank for the inspiration so I would love to be able to watch her concert one day when she decides to stop by the country.

Kelly Clarkson 

If there were a celebrity that I would want to be my best friend, it would probably be this girl. I mentioned this in a previous post about my dream Celeb Squad. She just seems so fun and so real and I love her personality. I’m a fan of the covers that she does of popular songs and I love how much her music has grown through the years since she became the first winner on American Idol. I’d love to see her do A Minute and a Glass of Wine in the Philippines someday. One day, hopefully, she can make that happen!

Sam Hunt 

Now THIS would probably the most likely to be a shot in the dark considering that country music is not exactly popular in the Philippines. Still, I am a fan of Sam Hunt and I am obsessed with his Between the Pines and Montevallo albums. To hear him sing those songs live would be a dream come true. It doesn’t even have to be a big concert, maybe just a small gathering for his fans in a more intimate type of show or setting. Something that would give off that whole back of the truck in the country hanging out vibe that some of his songs give off.


This is one concert I’d take even without Justin Timberlake, who is the most likely person who would probably not be open to a reunion tour. Like Boyzone, I was a big fan of NSYNC and I have the magazines and DVDs to prove it. Their concerts in the US were some of the DVDs I had and I would have loved to have seen all that great harmonies and dancing here in the country during their heyday. Still, I would be more than happy to just see them and hear them perform their hits in a show one day. That performance with Ariana Grande at Coachella give me a bit of hope that it’s possible. I really wish that it can happen sometime soon.

I love so many other artists but these ones are at the top of my list when it comes to concerts I’d love to see. I’m sure everyone else has their own list of must-watch musicians, I hope that we all get to watch at least one of them in our lifetimes.

Let me leave you all with a combination of two of the artists I want to see, a performance of Jenny From The Block by J.Lo and Taylor Swift during T.Swift’s Staples Center concert a few years back. Enjoy!


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