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Tuesday, January 21, 2020

My Makeup Look

Recently I was talking to my family about makeup. My sisters and I talked about when we first started putting on makeup and just how much we use regularly. Consensus has been on starting in college but never really going full-on until it was necessary during work. Even then none of us have ever been into putting on too much, opting for a less-is-more look every time. The no-makeup look is what we often go for. 

I have never been comfortable with packing on the makeup, even if it is for work. Most days I prefer just putting on some lip and cheek tint and putting some eyebrow makeup (because my thyroid condition thinned out my brows...and because, as they say, “kilay is life”). I don’t even put on powder lately. Just some moisturizer and a little BB cream. 

Still, I can’t deny that there are days when I need to use a little more makeup for certain occasions. I’ve looked at several makeup tutorials and I have to admit I have been very curious about doing my makeup in a less-than-natural look. I just don’t know if that would ever be the kind of makeup that I would apply to myself regularly.  

The whole Instagram makeup thing that involves a lot of contouring is something that I have tried a couple of times, just not too heavy the way most people do it. My sister tells me that it's all about highlighting now so that is something I do more of than contouring these days.

Here are the steps that I do and the products that I use to make it happen. Please note that I do not mention any brands. I think that when it comes to makeup, we tend to have brands that are best for our skin and of course, our budget. I've given links as samples but please choose what you think is best for you!!! 

Moisturizer – It goes without saying that you should start with a clean face. Best to wash your face first and then lightly put on some moisturizer. I place small dots of it all over my face and neck and spread it evenly across everything.  

Lip Balm - If you moisturize your skin, your lips should get the same amount of care. When you brush your teeth, be sure to brush your lips to make sure that the dry, flaky parts would be removed before you put on lip balm. That way you can put on lip color evenly. 

BB Cream – I put on BB cream the same way that I put on my moisturizer. I use it as a form of primer for my face before I put on any makeup. 

Sunblock – I’m in a bit of a debate with myself about applying sunblock since it says on my BB cream that it already has some sun protection. Still, it doesn’t hurt to be extra careful so I put this on too. I love Belo’s Tinted Sunblock because it gives my skin a smooth finish.  

Eyebrow Liner - I put on my brows with an eyebrow liner just so that I can have a starting layer while I put on my makeup.  

Foundation - I try not to put too much on. I tend to just put small dots of it on my face that I blend and spread around. I don’t like having a foundation that looks too thick/heavy or cakey. I once did that and it felt uncomfortable for me.  

Concealer - Again, like foundation, I try to only put small dots of it on the critical areas (under my eyes, on my eyelids, around my brows and lips to make them pop) before I blend.  

Powder - When I was younger, I used to put on powder with the sponge that it came with. These days I use a makeup brush and I tap it onto my face. It helps to set my makeup and to blend it all together. 

Lip Liner - My lips are a bit uneven so I like lining them so that I could give the illusion that it looks more symmetrical than it actually is. I use it as a base for my lip color too. 

Eyeliner - This is something I don’t do often, but when I do, I use a gel liner and draw a thin line on my upper lash line. I do a cat eye when I feel like it but normally I don’t. 

Eyeshadow - Again, something that I normally don’t do but when I have to, I tend to use natural-looking colors. I don’t make it complicated. Just a light base, darker near the upper lash line then I blend.  

Mascara - I don’t have much in terms of eyelashes so I usually skip this one. When I feel like it, I curl my lashes a bit then just put on one layer of mascara, which I try to dry quickly with a blow dryer (I do the same with my gel liner btw). 

Blush - Sometimes I use a cheek tint, but when I’m all foundation-ed and contoured, I brush on the blush on my cheekbones to give it more emphasis. I’m not comfortable going for too dark shades, so I go for rosy colors more.  

Highlighter - This is my favorite part of the whole process, to be honest. I love putting it on the bridge of my nose, on my cheeks, and on the arch of my brows. I love the way my face looks with it and the way it gives me a glow.  

Eyebrow Liner and Powder/Pomade - After all the makeup I put on, I try to add a little line and powder to color my brows again and I set the shape with brow pomade.  

Lip Color - I normally use lip crayons but these days I use liquid lipstick if I want to keep it on longer. If it’s too matte I also put on some gloss right at the center just to give it a fuller, less dry look. 

Setting Spray - To end the process, I spray on some setting spray that will help keep my makeup on throughout the day. 

Well, that’s it! Here’s a little before and after for you all to see how this changes my face: 

L-R: My Makeup Look, No Makeup Look, Makeup as done by a professional!

Guess what? The entire process, just the thought of it, is exhausting! That’s why I don’t like putting on that much makeup unless I really have to. I’m on the less is more train of thought as much as possible. Can you blame me? It's just too much work! 

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