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Sunday, January 5, 2020

The Sunday Update 1: Holiday Hangover

I have been on leave from the office these past two weeks over the holidays and it has been amazing. It’s great being at home and spending time with my family. Not having to worry and stress over things that needed to be done has been such a perk! Just being able to sleep in and relax for two straight weeks has been the best gift I could give to myself; I should have thought of that sooner. 

This past week has been all about family. My cousins from my mother’s side came over with their families to have our annual holiday get-together here at our house. We’ve all been close since we were children, spending many Sundays getting together when we were younger because our parents made it a point to do that as much as possible. Now that we’re adults with families of our own, we’re still trying to keep up the tradition, albeit on a less frequent scale. 

New Year’s Eve has been busy, with me and my sister braving the holiday crowds at the grocery store to get the “required” number of fruits for good luck as well as some food for the New Year celebrations. While I usually spend an uneventful New Year’s Eve at home since my siblings go to their in-laws to celebrate, New Year’s Day is full of family, videoke, food, and wine since everyone goes back home by midday. 

I’ve been trying to get back on track with blogging since I haven’t posted much in the past few months and I must admit, it hasn’t been easy. There’s so much I want to do with my blog, but I end up blocked when I’m in front of my laptop. I hope I can get back to my old groove soon. 

As the days moved closer to the date that I had to get back to work, I’ve been dreading going back to work. I’ve enjoyed my time at home with the family too much and it has made me wish I had the luxury of working from home so I can spend more time with them. How do those other bloggers do it? How do they earn a living from blogging? I wish I could monetize my blog enough to quit my job. Maybe someday. A girl can dream, right?

My sister and I were at the grocery store with my nephew over the weekend, and I was amused at how he was fascinated by the seeds that you can buy to plant vegetables, herbs, and flowers. He kept looking at the photos and asking how to use the seeds. He was picking seed packs that he wanted to plant, but since we don’t have enough space for him to do that at home, I had to tell him to put them back. I promised him I’d buy pots and soil then we’d go back to buy the seeds next time. He agreed but kept staring back at the seed packs whenever we passed them. The only thing that distracted him was when he saw the different types of rice on sale. He kept asking why there were different prices for rice and was surprised to find out that there was such a thing as red and black rice. 

Sadly, my two-week holiday has come and gone. My time with family is over and I go back to work tomorrow. I can’t help but wonder what this new year would bring for me, I’m hoping that it would have a lot of good things in store since 2019 was a bit of a frustrating year for me. 

I hope everyone’s past week has been well. Hope that it’s the start of a good year ahead!


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