Monday, February 24, 2020

Three in One Slimming Wand Review

One thing that has frustrated me to no end is my weight. Since having thyroid issues, it has become difficult for me to lose it. In fact, I think that I have been gaining more even if I have tried to do the opposite. 

I have tried everything: low-carb, intermittent fasting, daily workouts (even twice a day ones), but the weight is still here. While I have found out that my belly is bigger due to uterine fibroids, it still doesn’t explain why I can’t lose weight. I really don’t know who to turn to for help on this so at this point I am trying anything and everything as long as it doesn’t involve drugs or surgery. 

I recently bought a 3 in 1 slimming wand, which is basically a machine that can help you lose inches through electrical muscle stimulation (EMS), Infrared and Ultrasonic Cavitation. I’ve seen a lot of these online, some with really unreasonable prices and some that are crazy low. I decided to go midway and get one priced in between from an online shop called AlyBeaute.  

Before anything else, I have to warn anyone reading this against trying something like this right away. Certain people are not qualified to use it for health reasons. If you want to try it anyway, that would be something you do at your own risk. Be sure to be well-informed about this before you try it! Any information I share here is from what I’ve read online and I am not the authority on this type of slimming technique. I only go by what I have experienced! 

Priced at P3440 (including shipping and 1L of cavitation gel), the item was delivered to me less than a week from when I ordered it. I think it was three or four days after, which was fast given how long some deliveries in Lazada can be from my experience.  

The slimming wand came in a box that included the EMS pads and wires, the wand itself, an instruction manual, and the power adaptor. The manual wasn’t as clear instruction-wise as I would have wanted, so I decided to check online for tutorials and eventually decided to use the Infrared and Cavitation feature at the same time for slimming, using the low range for my face and the high one for my body. 

According to most websites, cavitation uses ultrasound waves to dissolve fat cells, which are then flushed out through the body’s lymphatic system. I have tried this service at a spa once before and it did help me lose some centimeters on my waistline after just 30 minutes. I’m hoping this wand can do the same for me. 

So far, I’ve only used the wand three times since you’re only supposed to use it every three days. The body supposedly still does the job of flushing out the fat from your body during the break, which means you should also be helping it out with exercise, dry brushing, and drinking a lot of water. 

I can’t say that I have lost inches just yet, but my skin does feel firmer from the times that I have used it. My skin ends up looking red after I use the wand and it feels a bit warm to the touch but apart from that I don’t really feel or see anything that could be an adverse side effect.  

I’m not expecting this to help me to lose weight, but I am hoping that it can help me trim off some of the fat that seems to be clinging on to me for dear life or at least keep my skin firm while I do what I can to lose the weight through other means.  

According to most websites, you need 8-12 sessions to see significant results if you use the wand 30 minutes at a time. I only use it for 15 minutes (you try massaging this for more than that and I swear your arms will be complaining) so it might take me twice as long to see my results.  

I will post again after 24 sessions. Hopefully, the results would mean that this was worth my money! 


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