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Sunday, March 22, 2020

The Sunday Update 10: COVID 19 Quarantine

Week One of Enhanced Community Quarantine of the entire Luzon area is over. How has quarantine life been for everyone?

Here in my neck of the woods, I can’t complain. Our area hasn’t had any confirmed COVID 19 patients and I am hoping that with the way things are being locked down that we won’t get one. The thought that the virus has not reached our area gives me and my family a little sigh of relief every day.  I'm a little concerned that there are still people violating the quarantine but I hope the local government can control that in some way to prevent the spread of the virus. My family and I have been praying the rosary daily, along with the Oratio Imperata recommended by the Catholic Church  (that we do three times a day at least).  Prayers go a long way, but I really hope that people all do their part too to make sure this doesn't spread. 

Since the announcement of the quarantine this past week, I have been working from home. While our office is required to have a skeletal workforce present, I had asked for a work from home arrangement given that my state of health puts me at risk for the virus. It’s been very good so far. I have probably gotten more work done being at home than being at the office. I can’t explain why, I just am more productive for some reason. The only thing that delays my work is when I have to wait for feedback from other people from the office who are not so adept with the whole work from home thing.  Still can't complain. This is new for everyone and we are all trying to do our best with what we have and are taking things day by day.

While most people have either been bored, restless, or have succumbed to that black hole that is Tik Tok, I have found myself enjoying the isolation. I guess being introverted has its advantages. Apart from the time I use for work, I have been using the quarantine to either sleep or watch Memories of the Alhambra on Netflix. After Crash Landing on You, I found myself wanting to watch more of Hyun Bin, so I decided to binge on that other show. I just finished the entire season so I will post a review of those shows one of these days.

As someone at risk for the disease, I've been doing what I can to stay healthy. I make sure that I get some Vitamin D in the morning and sit out in the sun for a bit. I try to get some exercise on the elliptical or by shooting hoops with my nephews at our garage (more like trying to shoot hoops -- I only got 7 in about 15 minutes!). I also try to get as much sleep as I can and take my regular maintenance meds and vitamins. With the extra time that I have at home, making this much effort to be healthy has suddenly become possible. It is so far from my whole "exhausted from work" mode which usually means I get home, have dinner and go to sleep only to go back to work again the next day (and the cycle goes on and on after that). Even my weekends used to be about decompressing from the work stress. This past week I didn't have that now that I'm working from home. Go figure.

I know a lot of people are ranting or raving (or sometimes both) about how things are being run during this period, but I try not to get too stressed about it. Something like this probably has not happened in a long time (or maybe it has never happened at this big a scale). While it’s disappointing to see how we are not ready for what is happening to us and it is alarming and scary how this virus is infecting people and taking lives, I think everyone is doing the best they can in the way they know how (even if that how can sometimes be misguided or have questionable motives). That being said, I also think it is everyone’s right to speak up for what is wrong to be corrected -- but we also have to do our part and cooperate (by staying home) to ensure that we can recover from this as quickly as possible. 

This quarantine has got me thinking about the things that matter. Considering how life-threatening this virus is, it does make me reassess the things that are going on in my life. Remember that hypothetical question, “What would you do if you knew you only had days to live?” Given how unpredictable this whole situation is, it does shake me up about the things that matter to me. It makes me think of which things should I focus on, which ones should I not put too much stock into and who I am as a person. It reminds me of the things (and people) that are important to me. It makes me realize the things that I truly value and the things that I should do with my life if I am given the opportunity to. 

Plus, given the varied reactions of people around me to this crisis, this situation is also showing me the true character of the people in my life. I’ve realized that not all of them have the same moral compass as I do. I’ve realized that some are way too stubborn for their own good. It can be disappointing if not for the fact that I have also seen people who have stepped up in this time of crisis. People who do more than their fair share. It gives me hope despite everything that things will be alright. 

One thing that just popped into my mind during this quarantine is how if this doesn’t end well for all of us, I would leave this earth without romantically loving someone again. I say “again” because the last time that happened was (prepare to be shocked) 17 years ago. Yes I’ve dated and I have had “relationships” in that past decade and a half or so but I can safely say that I have not loved in the truest sense of the word (for me) since that one person way back when. I would be more than happy to find that kind of love (or someone even better) if I could. I guess this is what the quarantine has done to my brain. I’m not bored, but I am feeling the need for a love life. Not just any love life but a love life with THE guy. I’m normally fine without one but these days, when my mind has too much idle time to think and the threat of a virus is always on the news, I find myself wanting that kind of love again if it can still happen. 

I hope everyone is doing well despite the quarantine. I know there is a tendency to feel restless and stressed, but let's all use the time we have to do the things we've always found ourselves "too busy" to do. Read that book. Exercise. Spend time with your family. Take up that thing you've always wanted to try. Reflect, pray, and use this time to reassess your life and plan on how to make it better. Let's try to make the best of what we have. We (you, my readers, and me) are all still better off compared to others who don't have enough to last until the end of this quarantine. We are not exposed to the virus daily like the brave and hardworking health workers who are taking this virus head-on. 

We should all make the best of this and stay home, for everyone's sake.


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