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Sunday, March 1, 2020

The Sunday Update 9: Food Trip

The past work week has been busy, despite having a holiday. I wish that there were highlights in the work department, but I think that the high points of my week have always been with family. Since my family is important to me and I don’t enjoy talking about my job that much, that probably isn’t that much of a surprise. 

My sister and her husband invited everyone to go and look for lomi in the municipality fifteen minutes away. We heard that there was a place that riders usually went to for food on their way to Batangas, so we thought we’d check it out. Unfortunately, when we got there, they had already run out of lomi so we had to look for other places to eat. It was too bad because the place seemed really nice with all their little huts and colorful lights. 

Luckily for us, we found another place not far from there that had lomi. They were just about to close but we were told we could order before they did. My entire family sat down for a lomi meal just outside of the store and underneath the stars. We got to enjoy the cool weather while having a warm and filling bowl each, which was actually pretty good considering the low price of P70.00. 

As I mentioned in a previous post, my family and I have also been making a habit of going out for coffee during the evenings. So, when we discovered that the lomi place had a coffee shop that was just nearby, we decided to go and try it out. 

The place was small but clean, and it looked nice. The prices of the coffee were lower compared to the one that we usually go to, but we also learned that they only served in one size (and that the regular size was a little small). We also couldn’t get the coffee that we wanted because most of the ones on the menu ran out as they were about to close. We only got to order what they had left available. 

The coffee itself, according to my brother-in-law, was not as good as at our regular place. My mom, however, raved about the Mango Overload shake, which was a mango shake with pearls, graham crackers, and cream. I had a sip of it and wished I ordered it too since my drink was plain enough that I knew I could do better even if I’m not a barista. I guess you can say the place was both a hit and a miss. It was OK but it still had room for improvement.  

Later in the week, I went out with my sister and her family to do the monthly groceries. I love doing the groceries with my family because it’s a sort of bonding moment for me and my sister. It’s a time we can talk while we walk around the place. It’s also amusing to watch my little nephew walking around trying to help us out by carrying things and pushing the cart around.  Had a bit of a curious person moment regarding two young AFAMs we spotted that I also posted about on Twitter. I am becoming that old nosy Tita, that's for sure.

It’s another new month, I’m really hoping that this one is better than the last (which has been challenging on the work side of things). I’m also considering lowering down the number of posts I make on this blog and the rest of social media for a bit while I focus on my other interests. So, if you notice (?!) that I haven’t been active lately, it’s because I’m trying to accomplish my other personal projects (which inspire me now more than work has … maybe I should try changing professions?). 

Here’s to a great month ahead! 

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