Thursday, May 7, 2020

Beauty Review: Rose Quartz Roller

Beauty is a category I do not tackle as much in this blog. I think it is because I have always considered myself low maintenance when it comes to that department. Sometimes though, I give in to a trend or two to give it a try. I was looking at an ad from a beauty supply store on Instagram and decided that wanted to try their rose quartz beauty roller. 

According to the review that I saw online, beauty rollers are a trend these days because of its benefits for the skin. It is a massage and workout for the face, helping to slim it down by making it look less puffy by increasing the circulation of blood and lymphatic flow in that area. An added benefit is that it helps whatever skincare products you use to be penetrated by the skin easier.   

rose quartz beauty roller

The beauty roller that I bought from the online shop Beauty Matters is different from most of the rollers I have seen online because both ends of the roller can be used on the face. The roller end is for most parts of the face while the other, flatter end is for use around the eye to help remove eye bags. Aside from that, the roller is also USB rechargeable because it has a vibrating feature that supposedly helps it to be more effective.

Most rollers for sale are commonly made of one gem: jade. These days, there are other types like rose quartz and amethyst. The roller I bought was both rose quartz and amethyst, with the latter being the flat gem that can be used for the eyes. Both gems are attachments you can place on the handle, which makes it easier to pack in case you want to bring it with you when you travel.  

From what I have seen from beauty bloggers, they use this after washing their face, usually when they put on serums, moisturizers or whatnot. After I read that Dr. Vicki Belo does not advise the use of moisturizers, I have stopped using them so when I tried my roller, I just used it on a bare face. It felt good on my face, it was like I was exercising my facial muscles while I was working it on my skin. Some vloggers place the roller in the freezer so that you use it cold, but I did not see the point since I was not even halfway through when that cold feel ended. The gem itself is a bit cold to the touch anyway so I do not think that it matters much if it was in the freezer or not.

Being the low maintenance person that I am, I have not used the roller that often. I think I used it a couple of nights and mornings the first time I got it. I cannot see any significant visible change in my face or skin just yet, but then it could be because I do not use it regularly. It does help me to look less puffy in the mornings though.

Beauty Matters was very efficient: they answered my inquiries, processed my order the day of payment and I got it just a couple of days later, with a nice little note, cute packaging, and a free facial mask. I love it when online shops make the extra effort, that was very much appreciated!

facial mask

As far as battery life goes, I have not had any issues with it at all. I have used it several times by now, but the battery has not yet run out. It was already charged when I got it so I cannot say anything about charging time but given how small the roller is, I am thinking that it is a quick charge. 

My only issue with the roller was that after a few tries, the gem from the eye attachment came off. I had to buy super glue to put it back on. I hope it does not fall again later; I was lucky it did not crack the first time it fell. It is my favorite part of the whole roller process, so I do hope that it doesn’t fall off again. 

Would I recommend this purchase to anyone? I would say yes if you are into the whole beauty/self-care thing. If not, I would suggest trying a roller that is not battery operated since this version is a bit more expensive than the manual one. If you like the manual version, then maybe you can upgrade to this one.  


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