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Friday, May 1, 2020

Quarantine Stories: Health

The quarantine we’re all in has given me a lot of time to think about several things. Mostly, it has me thinking about my health. While there are hospitals and a clinic near me to go toift I need a doctor, it’s not exactly something I’m inclined to do given the state of the world we’re in right now. With all my pre-existing health conditions I have, the best thing I can do for myself at the moment is to make sure that I stay healthy. 

According to the World Health Organization, people over the age of 60 or those with underlying medical conditions such as cardiovascular disease, respiratory conditions, and diabetes are at risk for COVID19. Among the ways that we can slow the spread of the disease and avoid infection is frequent (and proper) handwashing, wearing a protective face mask, and social distancing. For people like me who have all mentioned medical conditions that make me at risk for the disease, another way to take precautions is by making sure I am as healthy as I possibly can. 

Some precautions I take are things I already did before this pandemic. I already take maintenance medicine for my health. I forget to take them sometimes due to brain fog (a result of another health condition) but my sister recently added my medicine schedule on Gcal to make sure that I don’t forget during this pandemic. Apart from my regular meds, I have also been careful in other ways: I was already a germophobe, to begin with, so the whole handwashing and use of alcohol and disinfectant wipes have always been second nature to me. 

Staying at home during the quarantine has its advantages and disadvantages for my health. One advantage is that with limited resources, we haven’t been able to choose what types of food to eat. Lately, with our neighbors always having vegetables readily available, we have been having healthy food often. That was not always the case when I was away at work during the weekdays. 

Another thing I enjoy about staying home is that I get to see the sun more. I read that Vitamin D is a good way to keep one healthy against the coronavirus, so I have taken to sitting outside in the sun during the early mornings. I don’t usually get to do that because most of the time I’m inside the office for work and don’t get to enjoy the sunlight the way I do lately. 

Not needing to go to work has also meant there is no excuse for not having enough time to exercise. While I can’t exactly go to the gym, I do have an elliptical that I have placed in my bedroom that serves as a glaring reminder for me to work out at least for 30 minutes daily. I wish I could say that it is an easy task though: this hot and humid weather lately has made exercise a challenge. Depending on the weather, I find myself either doing fitness activities daily or just getting it three times a week (and feeling like I am having an asthma attack every time). There has been some weight loss so I am not complaining…after all that was not the goal but more of an additional benefit. 

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There is also this one thing that I have been doing as a result of this pandemic that I consider a precautionary measure. I found this doctor who did a video of breathing exercises that is supposed to help clear your lungs to make sure you stay healthy. I’ve been doing it daily, sometimes even more than once a day if I remember to. 

I feel like with this pandemic, it’s all about watching and waiting…and hoping that in this “survival of the fittest,” we end up as part of the survivors. Nothing feels certain and the future seems too unpredictable to even think about.  

The only thing we can do – or should I say the only thing I can do – now is to take charge of the one thing I can control and that is making sure that I stay healthy. I hope everyone else is doing the same. 

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