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Friday, May 8, 2020

Quarantine Stories: Work from Home

There is one more week to go before the Enhanced Community Quarantine (supposedly) ends. According to the news, there are currently meetings going on about whether that quarantine will be extended or not. At this point, anything can happen. One thing is for sure though, I will continue to be working from home for the entire duration of the pandemic due to government rules social distancing, especially for people with “co-morbidities” like me. It appears that for the foreseeable future. I will be doing my work online at the mercy of my internet service provider and my aging laptop.  

work from home
Image by DarkWorkX from Pixabay

I am not sure if I am happy or sad about being allowed to work from home. Mostly sad, I guess? It is such a challenge to work from home and be at the mercy of whatever available technology I have available. Most of my files are on my computer at the office so I have had to adjust to working from scratch as much as I can. My tablet and my phone are busy these days as I try to make use of them to help me accomplish my tasks easier. I do not think I have ever done an internet speed test as often as I have lately just to check if I am having issues with my ISP because I need it to get my work done.

Another point of concern about working from home is how difficult it is when the other people I work with are not as tech-savvy when it comes to doing their jobs at home. When we’re at the office, I can usually help them when they can’t figure something out with a website or one program or another but now that we are not together, it takes doubly longer for me to get the work that I need from them because of a whole slew of issues. Adaptation is a word that they are seemingly having a problem with. They need to learn to do their work and adjust to this “new normal.” It is frustrating to be waiting all the time for people to complete things. Sometimes I wonder if I am the only one working while at home because I do not see the output that I am looking for. I cannot exactly get mad at anyone even if that would seem to be the normal reaction. This is an unusual situation and we are clearly not prepared for this. 

I have tried to get people into making use of apps for communication. I tried getting people on Zoom but just the process of installing it on their phones or home PCs or laptops was a problem. I really should not have been surprised considering that using Facebook Messenger as our means of communication was already challenging at best since people took forever to read and reply to messages.

My Meralco bill is another issue. I have had to use my laptop all day, every workday. I have had to turn on my air conditioning all day to work in this extremely hot and humid weather. I am consuming more electricity than I normally would at home so I am quite sure I will faint when I get the bill eventually when they stop averaging the consumption.

Honestly. I have always wanted to work from home. I have considered doing that long before the pandemic and the quarantines started. I think I do my best work on my own and being at home where I can focus on a comfortable space with no distractions has proven to be good for me. I have accomplished more work at home than I usually do if I am in the office. The only delays I have are a result of me waiting for other people who are also working from home and have not been able to have as much output as I do. I think that if I worked from home and needed to work with others who can do the same, I can accomplish even more than what I do now. 

Being at home is less stressful for me compared to being in the office. I love that I am with my family, especially at a time like this. Even with all its challenges, working at home does have its advantages. I wear comfortable clothes at home. I do not wear makeup and I do not have to travel to get to work. I cannot complain.

Still, I do miss the way things used to be. I often wonder when things will get back to normal, but the way things are going now I think that will not be for an awfully long time. 

Will things ever be the same? Will things ever be “normal” again? Sadly, the answer is feeling like a great big NO.

I hope life proves me wrong.


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