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Friday, July 24, 2020

App Review: Quibi

The pandemic has made many of us even more dependent on the internet and on our mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. Personally, I do not think I have ever seen as many streaming movies and TV shows before compared to during this pandemic. All the sleepless nights for me have resulted in streaming so many shows these past few months (might as well do something while I'm up and my mind is racing). It also introduced me to the new streaming service, Quibi. 
Just what makes Quibi different from the other streaming sites out there? For one, it seems that Quibi’s shows are all produced specifically for the streaming app. One of the selling points of the streaming service is that everything you watch on it can be viewed horizontally or vertically on your mobile device. The video adapts to whatever way you decide to view it. Shows are also streamed smoothly online but you can also opt to download the episodes if you prefer.
One thing that I have to add about Quibi is that unlike other streaming services that you can watch online, Quibi can only be viewed on mobile devices (i.e. your phone or tablet). I suppose it is because it is meant to be something you can watch on the go so it was made specifically with mobile device use or access in mind. I don't know if that will change in the future but when I tried to cast it to my TV, it wouldn't work on it.
All the shows are made for the people who want to stream but may not necessarily have the time to watch for more than an hour. The name Quibi comes from the words quick and bites, precisely because their shows are short-form programs that can go for about a maximum of 10 minutes only. 
I was lucky enough to download the app just as it was released so I got a trial that lasted more than the now 14-day period. I got to enjoy several shows on the app that I did not think I would be entertained with given the short length of each episode. 
There is a good variety of shows on Quibi. There are TV shows that range from drama to comedy, reality shows to docuseries. There are also news and other lifestyle shows, but I was not able to explore those shows while I was on the trial period (some shows were daily, so there were way too many episodes to catch up on). 
Here are some of the shows on Quibi that have caught my attention: 
Most Dangerous Game - an action drama starring Liam Hemsworth. More on this in a future post. 
Nikki Fresh - a comedy starring Nicole Richie, the show is a satire about celebrity culture and trends as presented by her rapper alter ego. Did not quite enjoy it, but it was interesting. 

Kirby Jenner - a comedy that features online performance artist Kirby Jenner, who often superimposes himself in photos with the Kardashians. He takes it a step further with this show by presenting a reality show ala Keeping up with the Kardashians that features him interacting with the rest of the family (using previously aired KUWTK footage that now includes him). If you enjoy watching KUWTK (a guilty pleasure for me), you will enjoy this show. 
Chrissy’s Court - an arbitration court show featuring Chrissy Teigen as the Judge. According to Chrissy herself, the cases are real, and the decisions are legally binding (although I do not know how that is possible). Chrissy has been always been hilarious online on her social media, so it was no surprise that she held her own with this one! 

Thanks a Million - A show where celebrities get the chance to thank the people who have made a difference in their lives and asking them to pay it forward, starting a chain of giving that makes me cry every time!
Gone Mental with Lior - a mentalism show where Lior Suchard messes with the minds of the celebrities he is featured in every episode. 
Cup of Joe - a reality show starring Joe Jonas with some celebrity guests (including his wife, Sophie Turner) as he travels the world. 

As much as I enjoyed watching the shows on Quibi, at P409.00 per month it is a bit expensive. I currently have a Netflix account which is around the same price and has a wider selection of shows and movies to choose from so I had to make the decision to choose NOT to subscribe once my trial ended. 
Although I must admit, when I heard that Most Dangerous Game would have a second season, I have become seriously tempted to change my mind. We will have to see when that second season comes out. 


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