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Monday, July 27, 2020

Pandemic Diaries: Going Local

This pandemic has been such a trial for many people financially, myself included. There have been extra expenses to make sure we are all living in a safe and healthy environment. The cost of so many things have gone up and some items that we usually need have been harder to come by than usual. 

It has been an adjustment for all of us, especially for those whose jobs and businesses were lost during all of this. For those of us who still have jobs and are blessed to have a stable source of income, it has been encouraged that we support local business so that our economy can survive this pandemic.

Even if things are a little tight for me right now, I make it a point to buy local as much as I can. It means buying from the meat vendor around the corner or the neighbor or friend trying to make ends meet by selling different types of food and groceries. Or it could be as simple as supporting someone who is trying to make a living as a rider who delivers food, buys groceries or other items so you do not have to go out to do it yourself. Times are tough, if we can help by supporting each other's efforts to get by, we really ought to do what we can. As that song says, we are all in this together.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I decided to use washable masks instead of disposable ones. To buy local, I got my masks from a Filipino seller, Syala Collections. I also bought sleepwear from them recently and they are nice and easy to buy from. I highly recommend them.

When buying things online (which is what I have been doing a lot lately since I am afraid to go to the mall for the things I need), I often check if it is a local seller. I have made it a point to buy local right now so if the seller is not local, I tend to pass on the item.

Even when it comes to food, I try to support the local places when I can. The coffee shop that we used to go to often pre-pandemic is one of them. The cafe a former co-worker currently owns is another. The pizza place we used to visit back when it was safe to also gets orders from us from time to time. The Japanese place we loved buying ramen and sushi from, even if deliveries can be a little difficult, has gotten our support as well. There are more that we would like to buy from but some of them do not deliver and since we would rather not go out as much as possible, we have not been able to buy from them.

I think that during this pandemic we are taught to adapt to the current environment. Local business needs to reach out to its customers more than ever by being available online and accepting that they would need to make deliveries possible. If there is a will, there is a way, if I am to base it on the local food places we have here.

One Chinese restaurant that we ordered from normally does not accept online payments, but they decided to finally make it possible. They do not usually deliver to our area, but they partnered with local delivery services (like Lalamove) to be able to reach the customers they normally would not be able to deliver to.

The coffee shop we order from has partnered with a local tricycle driver who normally would not have a regular income (since their allowed days out are limited) so that he would be the one to make deliveries for them. They also made it easier for people to order by making a website with online payments, making it convenient for those who would rather not pay with cash during this pandemic.

Local businesses in our area have slowly been allowing for other options for their service to be available these days. I commend them for keeping up the fight in these financially challenging times. I hope that they all will be able to survive this pandemic. I will do what I can to support them whenever possible.

What about you? Are you supporting local business as well?


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