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Thursday, July 30, 2020

Pandemic Diaries: Planning Ahead

So much of this pandemic has me feeling uncertain about the future. I feel like we do not know what tomorrow might bring. I often say that I try to live my life the best I can because tomorrow is never promised, but I think that this is something that has never been more real until this pandemic started.

We do not know where we can get the disease. We do not know who will bring this into our homes. We do not know who will get sick in our families. We may wish that no one will, but at the rate that things are going, it is not that far off that we will know someone who has been infected or at least became a PUI (person under investigation).

I know people are thinking that if we are careful, we are going to be fine. Yes, it helps. But it only takes one person who is not careful to infect us in some way. Just one. And we do not know who that is or how that can happen. I have read of a couple who have not gone out since the lockdowns started and have just had everything delivered and they still got infected. These days we really cannot be complacent. We must be on guard and ready for anything.

I have often thought about this but now I am seriously thinking of making plans just in case anything happens to me during this pandemic. It is not about being morbid and thinking that I could die, but more of being able to make sure that my family can be ready in case anything happens to me, that includes being sick and possibly isolated. God-willing of course I would not want that to happen, but I feel like it is something that I need to prepare for, just in case. My family depends on me for a lot of things so being ready for anything feels like the responsible thing to do.

Image by David Schwarzenberg from Pixabay

The plan for me is this: to have a notebook where I will write down all the necessary details in case of an emergency. If I need to go to the hospital, it is a list of allergies, the medication I take, my blood type, and my medical conditions/history. Then of course there are other things: contact details related to people who can help with my Philhealth and my social security. PIN numbers for ATMs they can use, account details, and passwords for accounts that they may need to access in case I am unable to do so myself. A list of people to contact in case they need help with something related to me. It seems a scary thing to think about but during these times, it seems practical.

As much as I am preaching about this, I must admit that I have not gotten around to doing it yet. It is a plan, but the reality of it naturally makes me think of more morbid things so the superstitious in me fears doing it even if I want to. I still plan to; I am just trying to gather enough courage to get that pen and paper and write things down.

Has anyone else thought of making plans during this pandemic? I am not even talking last will or anything, just something just in case something happens to you during the pandemic? Have you thought that far ahead or is it just me? I wonder if I am being too paranoid and afraid and it is that fear and paranoia that has made me think this way.

It would be nice to have this pandemic end soon. I know that’s wishful thinking, but I still wish it could. If I could ask for any miracle right now, that would be it.


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