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Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Pandemic Diaries: Reconnecting

For so many of us, the COVID 19 pandemic has been a difficult challenge to face. People are suffering, dying, losing loved ones, losing their jobs. It seems there is just one bad news after another every day because of this pandemic. It has been hard to find the good in the bad, but more than ever, that is what we need to do. We need to find the positives in all this. We need to find ways to lift our spirits to survive these trying times.

One thing that I can say has been positive about all of this is that I have been reconnecting with so many people. Maybe it is the fact that during the lockdowns people did not have that much to do. Or maybe it is because during these uncertain times people tend to grasp at things that are familiar and comforting. If it means reaching out to someone from a time in our lives when things were good and happy, that is what we do. 

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During the Enhanced Community Quarantine, I got the chance to talk to a friend who I have not seen or talked to in more than 20 years. It was good to hear from her and find out how she has been through the years. I genuinely appreciated the fact that she took the time to check on me and my welfare during the ECQ even if we have not been in touch for so long. I think it shows a lot about a person’s character what one does during tough times. The fact that she reached out to me during this pandemic shows that I am lucky to have her on my side and that she is someone I can call a friend.

Just before the ECQ was announced, I had posted on social media that I was running out on some of my maintenance medicines and was having a hard time finding them in the pharmacies in my area. I was touched that two of my cousins made the effort to find some for me and sent them over during the quarantine. Because of their efforts, my heart health during the lockdown was secured. Considering that my cousins and I only get in touch these days during family get-togethers during the holidays, it was a big deal to me that they helped me out during this pandemic. 

I do not think I have messaged with my cousins more in a year than we have been doing now that we are all experiencing this COVID 19 pandemic. Like I said, we tend to reach out to the things that remind us of life when it was good, and my cousins fit into that category. There have been some health scares here and there, but I am thankful that right now we are all healthy and powering through this whole experience.

More than ever, I have appreciated the people that I have been keeping in touch with during these crazy days. It is good to be able to reach out and share our experiences and knowing we are not alone. It is good to realize that the feelings we have are not unusual and that many of us are going through similar emotional highs and lows.

For all those who are feeling the need to improve their mental health during this pandemic, I would advise reconnecting with people you value and are close to your heart. It does wonders to feel connected to those who are important to you during these trying times. Just reaching out for a short chat makes a difference — that helped a lot for me and I’m sure that everyone else would benefit from something similar as well.

What are you waiting for? Reach out to someone now and ask (in Joey Tribiani fashion): “How you doin?”

Stay safe everyone.


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