Sunday, July 26, 2020

Series Review: What's Wrong with Secretary Kim

I have been going through some of the Korean TV series available via streaming as per my cousin’s recommendations. With her prodding and because I had finished and enjoyed another one of the other shows of the female lead, I decided to hunker down and watch the show What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim on Viu.

Starring Park Seo Joon and Park Min Young (who was in one of my favorites, Her Private Life), the story of this show is about a CEO who is suddenly faced with the resignation of his Executive Secretary. 

I have never heard of Park Seo Joon before this show (I know, he has been here in the country before, it was a big deal to the fans, etc. I am sorry, I might have been sleeping when this all happened!) so I did not have any preconceived opinions of the guy when I saw this. Yes, I heard people have raved about his acting in Itaewon Class, but I have not seen that one either. Sad to say, I did not like him in this one. I found his character annoying, even in scenes when it was supposed to be a nice moment for him. It was like he only had one or two expressions in this. I know that might be because of the character he played, but that was just the way he seemed to me.

Park Min Young, as always, was adorable. Her role (and the plot, to be honest), seems slightly like that of Her Private Life, but I felt like the other show executed the story better than this one. Even the mix of dramatic, romantic, and comic moments felt better in Her Private Life compared to this. 

The show had some dramatic moments and twists that dealt with the younger years of the two characters. I was expecting a romantic comedy, and I felt there was too much drama that was not that necessary. Did they really have to make the events of their youth that grave? Again, Her Private Life was lighter on this part...and more believable in my opinion. Plus, given that ending twist of him knowing who she was from the start did not make sense given the way he was treating her in the beginning. It was just weird for me.

Still, I must give it to the two leads for having good chemistry together. Everything they did just felt like they really fit well together — which is probably why so many people thought that they were together in real life.

As with most Korean dramas, there were supporting characters who also have their own plots/love stories. Usually, I enjoy a good supporting cast but this time around I did not like them as much. Apart from Kim Mi So’s sisters, I would have been happier without too much time on the other supporting characters (i.e. the officemates). I thought they were a bit over the top at times and not in a good/entertaining way. I would have preferred more scenes from the lead characters than scenes from the supporting characters. They were not as necessary to the plot anyway.

Park Seo Joon’s fans would probably enjoy the many shirtless scenes of the guy in the show. I must admit, he has a nice body. Those abs are unreal! His skin is flawless!

The ending of the show was a bit cliche by having the leads get married, but it did fit well with the plot of two childhood sweethearts ending up together in the end. It was a happily ever after thing, and I think that viewers would be satisfied with that ending in general.

Although I did not enjoy Park Seo Joon in this series, I am thinking of watching another show of his that my cousin recommended called She Was Pretty. Let us see if it can change my opinion of him when I see it. 

Wish me (or him?) luck.


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