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Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Pandemic Diaries: UV Care Pocket Sterilizer

One of the conversations I have had with my friends about the pandemic was this need to disinfect everything to make sure that we do not carry around the virus from the things we have touched. My friend joked that I have been ready for that forever since I am the most germophobic person she knows. While I agree that I do go overboard with the alcohol and disinfectants, I have decided to take it one step further by disinfecting things with UV light, this time with the UV Care Pocket Sterilizer.

I must confess that I had been considering buying the sterilizer even before the pandemic, I just had not gotten around to doing it. Given the way things are turning out these days, I thought that it was now or never. I went to the company website, registered for an account, and made my order. I was told that I would have to expect delayed deliveries but considering that it was a pandemic and I was sure there was a demand for the product, I did not think that would be a problem. Still, the product arrived earlier than I expected (the site indicated two months, got it earlier than that) so I was happy with that.

The sterilizer is small and can fit in your pocket. You must flip it open and turn it on via the button on the side to use it. It should be noted that I thought that since it was a pocket sterilizer, I assumed it was portable. Unfortunately, while it has a port for a USB cord, it is not rechargeable. You have to use 4 AAA batteries to use it without being connected to a power source. The cord included can be connected via USB to an outlet or a power bank though if you choose to use it that way. That feature is a little inconvenient, but since I had a small power bank, it was still workable. Not too keen on the 4 batteries, but if I put in rechargeable ones that might be OK.

One feature that I like about this item is that it has an automatic power-off if you lift the lightbulb side to you. UV light is not safe on the skin or the eyes so having that feature to protect you from accidentally flashing that light on you is a good thing. I think I would have exposed myself to UV light several times already by accident if not for this feature.

Most people are skeptical about products like this. A friend of mine said that while we cannot prove that it works, the peace of mind it gives is still something to consider. I actually chose UV Care because I’ve seen their products being used in several establishments. I would like to think that if these big companies put their trust in them then their products would have to be the real deal.

I have seen an IG story of someone who bought the pocket sterilizer who tested it by exposing a piece of bread to the UV light then placing it in a sealed plastic bag. When placed side by side with another piece of bread that did not get the UV light but was packed the same way, the exposed bread was obviously still mold-free compared to the other one. 

The UV Care Pocket Sterilizer has had a lot of use from me: I use it on doorknobs, handles of drawers, the desk of my “home office (aka half of my bedroom),” my gadgets, the remote control, and all sorts of items that arrive at the house like deliveries and groceries and whatnot. Like I said, the peace of mind it gives me is worth the hassle of having to spend on the sterilizer and going through everything with a UV light.
With my use of this product, I have also decided to purchase another UV light product, this time one that can sterilize an entire room. Will be sharing more on that once I receive the product and have tried it. 

Does anyone else use UV light for disinfecting items? Care to share any tips with me?


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