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Wednesday, August 5, 2020

My Weather Worries

Has anyone else noticed how bad the weather has been lately? It is already late into the year and we have not had that much rain. Most of the time it is just terrible heat that does not seem to go away. It feels like we are in a perpetual summer with the heater turned up. 

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I know that it is because of climate change and what we as a species have done to our environment but knowing about it is still different from experiencing it. And boy are we experiencing it! Temperatures keep going up year after year and the heat has become unbearable. It is an awful cycle of people using up electricity to keep cool that results in producing even more things that can damage the environment that makes things hotter every year. If only I could afford it, I would go on solar power right now to lessen that carbon footprint. Then I would buy that earth-friendly air conditioner that is being developed right now.

The conversation with my mom about how we can cool down the house better has finally become successful. I used to tell her of my plans about this but she has refused because of aesthetical reasons and personal whims but since she has been having trouble with the heat herself, she has finally come around and has agreed that what I have wanted to do has been reasonable. 

Here are some of the things I suggested:

White walls – I have read this absorbs less heat compared to darker walls, which means less energy to be used to cool down the house during hot days.

White roof – There has been a study in India that it can cool down a house significantly to reduce solar radiation absorbed by the home. It also helps if it is highly reflective paint.

Shade for windows – While we use curtains, using other types of window shade (again in white), can help deflect the heat from the sun and prevent it from entering the house. Curtains tend to limit the light but can absorb that heat, so window shades would be good too.

And yes, I am aware that making everything white seems weird but if it can lessen the heat in our home and make us more comfortable, who cares?

A sad thing about this whole weather thing is realizing how different my life has been compared to my nieces and nephews. I remember being in grade school and high school and often needing to wear jackets and cardigans to school because it can get cold during the rainy season. These days I cannot even imagine these kids wearing those things without thinking of how hot it would be for them. The only time these kids can wear a cardigan (or a jacket) would be indoors…or if they travel to another non-tropical country. That is just sad. I enjoyed my cardigan days. Thanks, Taylor Swift, for reminding me of that, now I miss it!

Another sad realization came to me when the family was watching the news and the item being discussed was the weather, particularly how the average heat has become hotter year after year. My pre-teen nephew turned to me and asked me how we were going to survive when the weather gets to the point where we could not function outside anymore. What were we going to do? When was it going to happen? 

I thought about how lately, the heat has been getting worse and worse. Temperatures have been going higher and faster than ever. At that point in time, my nephew was asking about what would likely happen in our lifetime. How do we explain to our children how much we have messed up their future for them? What kind of future are we giving, if there is any future worthy of them living for at all? Yes, it is a sad thing, but it is also embarrassing since we really messed this up completely.

Is there still a way to save this planet? Is there still a way to make it better for our children? I worry a lot about that too. I hope there is still a way to make things right.


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