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Friday, August 7, 2020

Buy a Coffee, Get a Bag!

My family is a coffee-drinking family. We do our tea thing from time to time, but coffee is our morning drink. I remember family friends being surprised when I had looked for coffee for breakfast one morning when we were all together on vacation (I was probably around 10 at the time). They could not believe someone so young would be drinking coffee — black, at that. 

I had started early because it was a family thing: my father’s mother was a serious coffee drinker until the day she died. She was such a coffee person that one of our helpers saw her ghost looking for her Barako coffee in the kitchen a few days after she was buried (no joke).

My doctor has advised me to limit my coffee to one a day. While I do follow his instructions in general (by using a mug or tumbler instead of a cup), I do stray away from that limit from time to time. I just love my coffee and I love it black: the stronger, the better.

In my younger years, I think that I was limited to instant coffee and I did not know any better. Then I did a paper in college on the rise of coffee shops in the country (no Starbucks back then kids) and got to interview some of the existing shops, where I was introduced to the different types of coffee. I do not think I had appreciated coffee more than back then.

Living here in the province most of the coffee beans are made of the stronger stuff, so our brewed coffee is just my type. It can be intense for those people who are not used to it but after a while, most people learn to love it.

As much as I love brewed coffee and the smell of it as it is being made on a coffee maker, there are times when I need to rush off and only have time for a quick cup of coffee. For that, I still go for the brand of instant coffee that I have been drinking since I was a young girl: Nescafe. 

My family and I particularly love the Nescafe Gold Intense blend. Just one teaspoon of that and a couple of sugars (or Stevia, as the case may be), and we already get a good cup of coffee. It is perfect for when we need a quick cup or when we have run out of coffee to brew. I love having it while sitting outside to get some sun for the much-needed daily dose of Vitamin D (which helps boost immunity during this pandemic, just a little tip).

I recently had to buy groceries online and discovered that Nescafe Gold came with a bag that had a painting from their endorser, Heart Evangelista. When I received the item, I really liked the bag, you can tell it was of a stronger material and stitched well than most giveaway canvas bags. It was big enough to put work folders in if I wanted to bring it to the office. Even my laptop fits into it. It is strong and wide enough to put a lot of stuff into it.

The fact that Heart Evangelista’s artwork is on the bag is a nice touch. I remember seeing her posts on Instagram when she was still painting this, and it was nice to see it up close. The way it was printed on the bag tells me it is not going to wear off even I wash the bag often, which means I get to keep that work of art for a while. It is now hanging on the door of my room with the artwork facing me when I am in bed. I would frame it if I could, but I like using the bag too much! I just have one question about the bag though: the Nescafe Gold on the artwork was not painted by Heart, right? It looked like it was added on later!

Oh, and one more thing: we love Nescafe Gold so much that we bought it again … and now we have TWO bags with Heart’s work on it!


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