Sunday, August 30, 2020

Netflix Picks: Love the Way U Lie

With COVID 19 still making it hard for people to go out, many film producers have opted for other ways to show their films. Many of them have decided to release them digitally to be sold/rented or streamed via streaming services such as Netflix. Viva Films’ Love the Way U Lie is one of those movies.

It takes the concept of Ghost into a more romantic comedy concept by making the person hearing the dead person fall in love with the husband of the dearly departed who has been using her as a medium to get her man to move on with his life. Starring Alex Gonzaga and Xian Lim, the movie takes the characters on a journey towards each of their characters finding their paths in life: him as a boss of a company in trouble because he has not been able to let go of his grief after the death of his wife and her as the breadwinner of a family who feels she cannot find her own happiness. 

I live-tweeted this movie when I was watching this on Netflix (open the tweet on Twitter to see the entire thread):

The thing about this movie is that while it was funny in some parts and romantic in others, I did not feel that much of a chemistry between Xian and Alex. I really wanted to say that they did have that spark, but they just did not in my opinion. It does not make the movie bad, but it would have been better if they did. 

There was also a part of the movie that did not make sense to me. When Sarah, the dead wife just stopped appearing, there was no explanation as to why she did. After all the bugging and pleading and trying to communicate, she just stopped. Even when she appeared to him in a dream to say goodbye, there was no explanation as to why she disappeared. That was a bit weird.

What I did like, however, was how the movie showed the viewer around parts of Manila. It reminded me a bit of South Korean shows that make it a point to showcase the locations to appeal to tourists. It also felt a bit like how the movie Ikaw Lamang Hanggang Ngayon also showcased parts of Manila in its scenes.

The movie was cute, entertaining and Xian Lim was, as usual, very dashing, and handsome in every scene. Alex Gonzaga was her usual funny, bubbly self. I must admit it was a little odd seeing her in the dramatic scenes since I am not used to seeing her in things like that! 

I kind of wish that there were more to the movie. I felt that it had the opportunity to be more but was just limited by the length of the film. Like Stacy’s (Alex) family, for instance. I felt that there was something more to that whole Filipino Chinese thing that they could have used. They just became supporting characters that did not have backstories of their own. It would have given that whole online business thing a bit more impact if it could have explained what it was and what it meant to them. 

The movie was entertaining to watch, but as far as romantic comedies go, I have seen better. I know a lot of people who watched and were looking forward to it who were disappointed, but I would not go too far by saying that it is a bad movie. It is a feel-good movie and for me, as far as intentions go, I think that this one fulfilled its purpose.

I also liked the cameos at the end of the movie. If you are interested in seeing it, be sure to watch after the credits!


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