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Thursday, August 20, 2020

Pandemic Diaries: We are in Different Boats

It has been almost six months since the government declared a State of National Emergency because of the COVID 19 pandemic. How has life been treating everyone? 

As for me, I have been working from home. I report to the office once a week, then spend the rest of the week at home. The only time that I have been out of the house since this all started has been to go to the office and I do not even know what everything else looks like right now. Here at home, we have been getting things delivered as much as we can to avoid going out. Anything we can do from home we try to do from home. 

I bought some items specifically because of this pandemic to make sure the family is OK. We got an oximeter, a thermal scanner, and a UV light for disinfecting rooms around the house. Better safe than sorry. We also try to avoid having other people visit so deliveries are accepted outside and whatever things we used to get service people to do my brother in law has decided to take on himself to be safe.

Staying at home during this pandemic is a luxury. I am aware that not all people can do their jobs from home or have an internet connection or gadgets to be able to do so. A lot of people must risk getting sick just to continue working because they cannot afford not to during these challenging times. Then there are, of course, the health workers who stare this virus in the face and make the ultimate sacrifice of being away from their families and risking their lives to save others.
Image by Myriam Zilles from Pixabay

I remember reading a post from someone on social media that we are all in the same boat, we are all experiencing this pandemic, this financial crisis, together. Yes, we are all doing that, but I do not think we are all in the same boat. It is more like we are all in the same storm, but we are all in different boats.

We must admit that this, for one, is a financial thing. The people who have more money can afford to protect themselves better. They have insurance and enough tucked in to make sure they stay healthy during this crisis. They are the ones who can afford to not work for an extended period of time while on the opposite end of all this there are people who are losing their source of income (be it a job or a business) and do not have enough to protect themselves and make sure they stay healthy during this pandemic.

These are trying times, and I am aware that I am still lucky compared to many others. I know people who have lost their loved ones, who have experienced health scares due to COVID 19, people who have lost their business and lost their jobs. People who are trying their best to survive this pandemic given the circumstances. People are coping in different ways as it affects us not just financially but emotionally and mentally as well.

Every day I feel grateful to be alive. Grateful that my family is alive and healthy. I am grateful that we have food on the table every day and that we are making ends meet, no matter how challenging it can be to do so. I am grateful that I have a job when so many are losing them. And it breaks my heart that so many people are not as lucky. I think we all must be aware and be grateful for our blessings during this pandemic. We have to do what we can, even if it is as simple as sharing food with the neighbor who might not have any or giving an extra tip to the delivery person who is bringing the things you got online. Or just reaching out to someone who may need someone to talk to. Or maybe simply not being too judgmental about how other people are coping during this pandemic.

While we are all having a difficult time, I hope we can remember that we are not all in the same boat and to do what we can to make things easier for others whenever it is possible.

Stay safe everyone.

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