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Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Pandemic Diaries: Growing Pains

Interesting times. 2020 is certainly a year that the entire world will not forget. So much has happened this year and just when we think we have seen the worst, something comes up that makes us wonder what else could be lurking around the corner. 

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There have been so many deaths because of this pandemic, so many people who have lost their jobs and businesses. There are people all over the world speaking out against injustice and those who call out those in power to do better given our current circumstances.

Some have joked that if this year were a movie that it would be Jumanji because the challenges just keep on coming. And who can forget the animals that been running around all over the place like we were in a real-life version of that game? 

Some have openly wondered (for some on Facebook, they are pretty much announcing) if these are the end times. It is a scary thought, but at some point, I am sure we have all wondered about it.

One of the ways that I have been coping with this pandemic has been watching the Instagram Lives of people I follow from different parts of the world. It gives me comfort to know that I am not the only one who feels the way I do about this pandemic and that I am not the only one wondering about what is going on and what happens next. Learning by listening to different points of view from those who are from various walks of life has been interesting and eye-opening for me.

I was watching an Instagram Live of Travis Van Winkle (from the TV shows The Last Ship and Instinct) where he talked to people from different parts of the world. There was one woman who shared the idea that everything that is happening today, as challenging as it may seem, are growing pains or labor pains that will lead to the birth of a new world. I would like to align myself with that concept more than that of a Jumanji or end-days type of existence. This whole growing pains into a better world thing is a more appealing idea.

There is so much conflict happening worldwide. More than ever, people are making their thoughts heard and are standing up for what they believe in. While there is conflict from people who think differently, this exchange of opinions is helping to open the minds of people who are usually on the fence about things and are now learning from the experience. 

With this pandemic, many people are re-learning how to live their lives. We are learning about what is important and about new ways to do things: new ways to adapt to the challenges of this world-changing crisis. Yes, it may be inconvenient and yes, we may not always agree with how our governments are taking on the challenge, but the fact remains that we are all dealing with this as best as we can (at least, I hope we all are doing that). We are finding out as we go which ways work and which ones do not. We are learning things as we go. 

I genuinely hope that these labor pains lead to a new and better world where people will have a new way of thinking and living. Where governments can serve their people in better ways than before after learning from this experience. I am not naively expecting a utopian world/existence, but I am wishing that after all the challenges of 2020 we can all come out of it as better people, better countries, and ultimately a better world.

Let’s all keep our fingers crossed.


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