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Sunday, August 16, 2020

Pandemic Diaries: Photography

Taking pictures is something that interested me since I was a child. My father used to have cameras that fascinated me when he brought them out to take pictures of the family and anything that he found interesting. I still remember the equipment that he had: the camera, the lenses (he even had a huge telephoto one), and a tripod. I never got to use them, but it did start an interest that led me to a Communication Arts Degree when I was in college. While that plan did not exactly pan out, I did decide to take up the hobby on my own when I was finally earning my own money and could buy my own camera. I would like to think that I have a knack for it since I have won a photography contest at one point many years ago when I attempted it.

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

Before anyone assumes that I am an expert, I must clarify that my interest in photography is more of a hobby. I am not an expert in the technical details. I’m mostly someone that sees things and wants to share them through pictures, hoping that they come out in a way that could show what made me interested in something (or someone) when I pressed the shutter button. I owned a DSLR for a time but now I use a mirrorless model from Canon. I have dabbled with different brands but for some reason, I always go back to Canon. I use my camera a lot, but I rarely share the photos I love that I have taken…maybe it is time that I share them somewhere. I am just not sure where just yet. 

This pandemic has been challenging when it comes to taking photos. These days I use my phone camera more than I do my Canon M50 because I do not go anywhere other than to work and to my doctor when needed. With the whole droplets/airborne virus issue, I have opted not to bring too much stuff when I go out, so the phone camera is my go-to for pictures these days.

Plus, I had been having issues with my camera pre-pandemic and was waiting for the Canon store at the Mall of Asia to rehire a technician (the one they had just resigned when I went there). I was waiting then COVID 19 happened. Now I do not know where to go for repairs. I have tried messaging Canon, but they were forwarding me to service centers that were too far for me to go to. There are other centers where you could send your camera, but I am too scared to leave it with someone that nobody can vouch for.

Reading through more than a dozen sites for users of the same model did not help me with my problem. It is so weird because it is not that big of an issue. The LCD/ touch screen of the camera has gone blank. It was working fine when I last used it then suddenly, the thing just stopped working. I can still take photos using the viewfinder, but I cannot review them using the screen. I have tried so many suggestions that I have found online but none of them work. I wanted to try to update the firmware of the camera but without a working screen, it is not possible. Someone from the forums told me that the only way I can probably fix it is via the service center. With the pandemic going on, I do not think that is even possible for me. 

For now, I am trying to dabble with this hobby with my phone camera when I can. It is challenging considering that I do not go anywhere but it does help me to see things with a new perspective. Looking at things closer, appreciating the things around me more, and concentrating on what I have instead of what I do not have.

Is anyone else out there interested in photography? How do you still make time for this during the pandemic? Does anyone out there know how to fix my camera? Please leave me a message and let me know!


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