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Friday, August 28, 2020

Pandemic Diaries: Still Loving Mia Maison

One of my most popular posts on this blog has been my entry about loving the home scents that I get from Mia Maison. I have tried several other scents since then, but I have always gone back to Mia Maison. Now that I can buy them online via Lazada, making my purchases from this store has become even easier.

It used to be an issue for me to buy from the store since they are not available in our area and I had to go to a mall that is probably an hour (or more) away just to buy their products. When I discovered that they started selling online, I made sure to buy from them there and I have been getting my supply from Lazada since then.

I already own an air purifier/diffuser from Mia Maison, but I decided to buy myself their 5 in 1 atomizer that is also a humidifier, ionizer, and diffuser with a night light.  Along with that, I also bought some of my favorite scents: Green Apple, Green Tea, Fresh Bamboo, and Lavender. These are my go-to scents whenever I went to their stores. I love their atomizer, which they call Mico, because it does not use as much water as the purifier and the water evaporates as you use it. With the purifier, there is that extra work of putting in the water and constantly replacing as much water when you use it again, which can be a bit of a waste of water in my opinion.

Recently, I read that lemongrass is good for respiratory diseases and for healing, so I decided to buy the oil as my aromatherapy during this pandemic. I ended up liking it even if I did not know what to expect the first time that I bought it. I also decided to try Ocean Breeze, but this did not go over very well for people at home. My nephew for one said that it smells too manly for me to use and that it was weird to use it. 

My all-time favorite, however, would have to be their White Tea and Ginger scent. I have loved this scent so much that I bought a cologne that had the same scent combination. That is how much I like it. There is something relaxing/soothing about the scent that I enjoy so much. I cannot really put my finger on it!

These days since we are always at home it can make a person very stir-crazy just being in one place all the time. I find that having these scents from Mia Maison to give my room/home a comforting feel helps a lot with the anxiety that we are all feeling during this pandemic. It helps give a relaxing vibe every time I use it. More than ever, I think that the benefits that I can get from aromatherapy have become so valuable to me. There is just too much stress that goes with this pandemic and I like that all I have to do is place a few drops of oil with water and turn on the machine to relax. 

Mia Maison has some special scents that I am curious to try, but I am also feeling a little hesitant because I am not sure of what those scents will be like based on their descriptions (it’s their Luxe Collection, check out their descriptions on Lazada or Shopee to get what I mean). I think that is one disadvantage with buying from them online: it’s hard to try the new scents because you have not been able to sample them in the way that you normally do when you visit their stalls!

If anyone has tried any of these scents, please leave me a message in the comments section and let me know if they are good or not!


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