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Thursday, August 27, 2020

Thank You Syala!

As a plus-size person, it has been difficult for me to find clothes when I go to the mall. Usually, the clothes that I like never have anything in my size. Either that or the limited clothes available are not flattering or are not my type. There are a lot of online stores that sell clothes for people my size, but I am hesitant about buying from them since I am not sure if I can trust them. I have bought some clothes from Zalora, but plus-size clothes tend to be a little pricey than what I would normally like. One store that I did try and eventually liked is Syala Collections.

The first time that I bought from Syala I think I purchased three dresses. They have sizes up to 4XL and you can also provide your specific measurements so that the dresses can be made specifically to your size. This time around I decided to pick from their size options. When the dresses arrived, they all fit me right and they were all comfortable to wear. I have not tried ordering to my specific measurements yet, but I plan on doing so next time that I make another dress purchase. I had planned to buy more this year but then this pandemic happened, and I have not bought any more dresses since then.

I recently bought face masks from them, which I mentioned in a previous blog. I liked the masks and I liked their customer service so much that when they mentioned that they were also selling some sleepwear, I decided to order those from them too. 

There are several colors and prints to choose from so I chose a mix of both the plain colored and print ones. The sleepwear is super comfortable, and I love that the top has an extra layer on the chest area so not wearing a bra will not be a problem. The fabric is so soft but as my sister said, it feels sturdy enough to go through the washing machine without getting worn out right away. The only thing that threw me off was that the bottoms were not drawstring shorts as I had assumed since there was a ribbon on the front. It would have been great if they were drawstring since usually when shorts wear out, they become loose at the waist, and making it a drawstring means you can adjust them later.

What I love about Syala is that again, I can pay online, and their delivery is handled by services that you can track to check when you can get your order. The cost of their items is also very reasonable given the quality of their products. The purchase is worth the money. 

Another thing that I am happy about when it comes to Syala is that their customer service is very friendly and responsive. I usually have a lot of questions before I make a purchase and they have patiently answered my questions and provided me with information until I was satisfied enough to make a purchase.

If I could suggest anything to Syala it is that they should also make a collection of lounge/home wear since we are so many of us are working from home these days. I have seen a lot of other clothing stores take advantage of the times by making loungewear that is comfortable for being at home and still presentable in case of online meetings. 

Thank you to Syala for making such comfortable sleepwear and wearable masks (and those dresses I enjoyed wearing when we used to be able to go out). I will be buying from you again!


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