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Thursday, September 10, 2020

Pandemic Diaries: Health Update

If you have been one of the few people who have been reading my blog, you would probably remember my post about being unsure about going to see my doctor because of my fear of getting infected while I am in the hospital. I was scheduled for my regular check-up this month, but I have been too scared to go until my sister convinced me to at least get my regular blood work done to be sure that I am healthy.

I decided to go to the hospital early, so for my blood work, I fasted earlier so I had to get my tests done early in the morning at 6 AM, just so that there won’t be that many people at the hospital. I made the right decision because apart from an elderly couple who had the same idea, there was no one else outside waiting for assistance. 

Thankfully, the hospital that I went to take the necessary precautions to make sure that everyone who visits is safe. There is a tent where you register, and they check you for symptoms before you can request whatever it is you need in the hospital. I was separated from the nurse (in full PPE) by a plastic sheet and there was only a small partition where you can insert the paper that you have to sign and where I had to submit my doctor’s request for blood tests. They basically filled up my form for me and all I had to do was place my signature at a small portion at the end of the sheet of paper, after which there was a foot-powered bottle of alcohol that I could use after touching their pen and paper. 

When they were ready for my test, I was ushered in and sprayed with alcohol while I stepped on a sanitizing foot mat. I was then directed to another area where there was a partition again where the nurse (also in full PPE) was separated from me by another plastic sheet. To get my blood, I had to insert my arm in a hole made through the plastic. It was quick and easy, and I was done in a few minutes.

I entered the hospital to make my payment, and there were only a few people inside who were separated from me by a window to accept my payment. 

Usually, when I have a check-up with my doctor, I must go there an hour in advance to be added to the list of patients. The last time I was there I learned that he was only taking fifteen patients per day, as opposed to when he used to be there until all the patients were seen. I learned that morning that the new policy, while he still took in fifteen per day, was to get listed as early as 8am for the 2pm check-up. I would have gotten listed for the check-up since I was confident with my safety in the hospital due to the precautions they were taking but I learned that I couldn’t: my doctor has stopped taking patients since the last week of August and there was no word on when he would be back. According to some people he had self-quarantined because he was feeling COVID 19 symptoms – you can bet that made me even more hesitant about seeing him when he gets back to work!

It was a good thing that my blood tests mostly were OK. My blood sugar is the lowest it has been in more than a year. My blood tests for kidney health showed that everything was normal. The only problem was my being slightly high in the cholesterol department, which I was told could be corrected by proper diet and exercise (I am working on that).

At this point, I do not know when I will see my doctor again. If I can just keep taking the tests regularly to make sure everything is normal, I will just keep doing that to stay healthy. I think the best thing for me right now is to go on a diet, exercise, and keep taking my maintenance medicines for now and probably until this pandemic is over unless anything serious happens which would need medical attention (which I hope will never happen). 

What do you think?


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