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Sunday, November 15, 2020

The Sunday Update 13: Wild Week

The past week has been troubling for me. I feel that with all the things that were on my mind I needed to do something to make myself feel better and lift my spirits up. I think we all need to do something every now and then to uplift ourselves and get us in a better mindset. This pandemic is far from over and the problems that it brings will keep on coming, we need all the positivity and mental strength that we can get. For me, blogging has been my outlet. It has been my way to de-stress and unpack my thoughts. Carrying it around would just be too much during these times. This distraction has been a good way to help me keep calm about all this. 

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I was talking to a few friends of mine about how the pandemic has affected their careers. There was one friend who admitted that they could work from home, but it also meant reduced working hours and of course a deduction in salary. Another friend admitted to the same thing. Both had their salaries slashed to almost half of what they were getting pre-pandemic. It was hard to find the right words to say to my friends after hearing about their situations. I am sure the companies that they work for are doing their best to stay afloat and to make sure people keep their jobs, but it must be difficult for them to do so given the pandemic. On the other hand, this is also the time when people need money the most so it must also be doubly hard for my friends who now have to make ends meet for themselves and their families with the salaries they are getting now. I feel grateful that my job and my salary remains the same but hearing news like that made me worry about how I can continue to provide for my family if I was placed in a similar situation. How long can we all hold on in times like these? When will it all be over? I cannot help but worry about things like this. We are all stuck in a situation we have no control of. Nothing is certain. It is all so unnerving!

As I have previously mentioned in my other Sunday Update, I have been helping my nephew and niece with their schoolwork. I always shake my head at the thought that I am teaching my nephew math when I was struggling with it when I was in school myself. Just this past week I surprised myself by being able to check my nephew’s work and knowing what I was talking about when I was explaining the lesson to him! 

I remember having a math tutor because I was failing the subject even when I was in grade school. In high school, I may have passed the subject, but my grades were always on the lower end, as they also were in college. If only my tutor can see me now…I understand my nephew’s lessons and can explain them! The sixteen-year-old me would never believe it!

COVID 19 cases at the municipality where I work has been rising lately. It makes me nervous when I read the updates and see how so many people are still taking this pandemic for granted. There are people still going out to meet friends and eat out, people having celebrations/parties/drinking sessions, people who are not properly social distancing or wearing the proper protective gear. It worries me that no matter how careful I am, the problem would be encountering people who are not taking the same precautions and who could potentially become carriers of the virus that would infect me or the people that I love. Until this pandemic is over, until I see that everyone is taking the necessary precautions, I do not think that I will ever feel safe.

A relative died this week. If I am not mistaken, she is the second relative who died during this pandemic. Both have died from non-COVID causes, but I believe that both would have lived longer if not for the stress of this pandemic. I have heard of similar situations from other friends who have had family members and friends who have died from non-COVID cases this year. 

Given the fact that hospitals are having a difficult time these days, I am not surprised that there are a lot of non-COVID deaths this year. It must be a challenge to manage taking care of everyone during this time. It saddens me that a lot of people are losing loved ones during this pandemic because of how difficult things have been for all the health care institutions are lately.

As if things could not be any worse, Typhoon Ulysses came and battered the country and left so much damage in its wake due to massive flooding in so many areas. To be honest, I find it hard to look at the photos of the flood. I see those submerged homes, those whose homes were covered in mud, the dead animals, the people now living on their roofs for lack of a place to stay and I feel this heavy weight on my chest because of how sad it all makes me feel. It is all so heartbreaking. 

I know that weeks, months, or years from now the people in these areas will recover, but I hope that we do not forget that it happened. We need to remember so that we can do something to avoid having it happen again. This is the result of climate change, and we need to do something to change the way things are as much as we can. 

It has been a depressing week. I hope the next ones get better. I hope that the Pfizer vaccine that is in the news is the breakthrough that the world needs to end this pandemic. I hope that this is the start for us to get our lives back, no matter how different our “back to normal” life can be.



  1. This is really a tough time, Clare. I was one of those whose salaries were cut by 50% for about a month just to keep our company afloat. To think I am employed by one of the biggest hotel chains in the world pero we were so badly impacted that they had to do these measures. We have also deaths in the family over the past months and while it's not Covid-related, we had to do away with attending wakes because of the pandemic.
    I admit I'm one of those who goes out only because if I won't I'd probably go crazy. Then again, I never put my guards down, I still wear protective gear and I've always been an introvert anyway so I avoid people like Covid itself. Pero no events, dinners, gatherings or parties pa rin for me. Mahirap na. Baka ma-negate yung eight months na pag-iingat ko because of a momentary lapse.
    Stay safe! Hang in there!

  2. Promise me you'll always be careful when you're out OK? Let's see each other when all this is over!

    Stay safe!!!


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