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Monday, December 21, 2020

Discovering Free Movies

For the past few months I have been watching movies and TV shows via streaming services (mostly Amazon and Netflix) and I think I have been feeling burned out about the selection of media on the services and was wondering if there was anything else that I could watch. I know I could look at the other streaming services but I used to be subscribed to some of them (HBO, iFlix) but was not interested in the shows and movies that they had to offer. My budget for streaming is already capped with Amazon and Netflix so I decided to look for other ways to watch other movies and TV shows for free.

Image by Jess Foami from Pixabay

Yes, I am aware that there are illegal sites out there that stream shows. They are usually filled with pop-up ads and spam and are inconvenient to watch from. I decided to do the right thing and look for legal options for services that offer different options from Amazon and Netflix.

First, there is Viu. I used to be subscribed to it until I discovered that I can watch the TV shows and series there without a subscription as long as I don’t mind watching a few ads here and there. Plus, free means I can’t cast it to my TV. It is not that big a deal since I use a tablet with a big screen anyway. The same goes for the site/service iQYi.  Those two cover my Asian dramas/movies viewing when I want to veer off from what Netflix has to offer.

If you use a VPN, you can also use the Free to Watch option on YouTube. The movies there are not very popular but if you look close enough you see some interesting ones that you probably would not find elsewhere. If you are OK with ads popping up then this is something to check out. A lot of the older James Bond movies are there, along with some surprising inclusions (such as Chris Evans’ Before We Go and a personal favorite, Return to Me starring Minnie Driver). Do not expect TV shows here, they only have movies.

Vudu is another site that you need a VPN to use, but it is free and there is a collection of TV shows and movies to watch. There are a lot of shows/movies that I have never heard of, but if you are patient enough to look over everything, you will find some in the “Free with Ads” category that is worth it.

Tubi is another site that offers movies and TV shows that streams free because it is ad-supported. The selection here seems better than most and I already have a series lined up to watch for my holiday leave from this site/app.

Going local, both TFC and GMA have free options. Both have free shows and movies as part of their options. If you want to catch up on their latest programs or you want to reminisce on some old shows (like TGIS on GMA, for instance), you can check out their websites/apps.

As far as streaming movies and TV shows go, there is so much out there that you do not have to pay for if you do not mind the ads. If you get tired of what is on the paid sites, there are so many options to choose from. You will most likely need a VPN to watch them, so get that ready before you do your search.

Now if only Amazon can work out making their complete movie and TV lineup available to the Philippines for a subscription (I want to subscribe to their Hallmark channel!) I would be a very happy girl!


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