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Sunday, December 13, 2020

The Sunday Update 17: One Week Til Christmas

My sister and I were talking earlier about how it will be Christmas next week…Christmas. It is almost the end of the year. After all this time, things are still the same. COVID still exists. We are all still staying home. Still trying to be careful. Still hoping that the vaccine will arrive in the country soon and that everything will eventually be OK.

Just this morning we were looking outside our gates and we noticed a long parade of motorcycles pass by. The street we are on leads to a shortcut to the next town, and every weekend we see all these people pass by off to the nearest tourist destination that most riders go to. It still baffles me how all these people go off to travel like this when the virus still exists and the danger of it is still there. I have seen photos of these riders all together (no distancing at all) at the tourist destination they often go to and it gives me the chills to think of the risk they are putting themselves into (and the risk that they are putting on to other people around them). I know that people are saying that it is safe to travel already and we are encouraged to support local tourism but when it is something like this where precautions have not been taken and cannot be taken it makes me worry that it might make things worse.

I do not put any blame on the government about this since they are doing what they can to minimize the incidence of too many riders in the said area. There are police checkpoints that now stop these riders from entering municipalities on the way to this tourist area, but as I mentioned earlier, they just opt to take shortcuts like the street that we are on. Unless the police guard every single shortcut possible, this is difficult to control. What we need is for people to discipline themselves and to take more responsibility. If we want things to go back to normal, we all have to do our part for this to be over sooner rather than later.

Image by Terri Cnudde from Pixabay

I cannot believe that Christmas is just a week away. Sadly, we cannot do the things that we usually do over the holidays. We will not be able to go to mass as a family (since the younger kids are not allowed outside yet), we will not be able to see our cousins and their families the way we usually do the weekend after Christmas. We will just be home, the same way we have been all these months since the pandemic started. I feel sad for the kids. This is usually a special time for them, but with the virus, it will not be the way it usually has been.

The holiday feels a bit bittersweet. It is hard to feel happy about the holiday. It is hard to feel grateful that my family and I are still alive and OK despite the threat of COVID 19. So many people have lost loved ones this year. I do not think that any one of us can say that we do not know of anyone who has not lost anyone during this pandemic due to COVID or other medical reasons. So many will have a sad Christmas. Our medical front liners are probably the ones who will find this difficult most of all considering how many people who have gotten sick and died in their care. My heart goes out to them.

How are you all feeling about the holidays? I hope that you have a better outlook about it than I do. I still have one week to change my mind about how I feel. I hope that would be enough.


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