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Monday, December 7, 2020

Toy Review: Play-Doh Buzz n' Cut

I am not a parent, I don’t think I ever will be considering my age and my lack of options, but I am a doting aunt to my nephews and niece who I currently live with. I have been with them from the time that they were born that it sometimes feels like I am (partly) a parent to all of them, so I get to experience the things that parents tend to do for their children. One of these things has been taking the time to play with them. These days, playing with my little nephew means taking the time to be a “barber for the day” while we play with his Play-Doh Buzz 'n Cut Barber Shop Set.

My nephew is a big fan of the YouTube channel Ryan’s Toy Review. There are so many toys featured there that he enjoys watching being played and asks if we have the same thing here in the country. Usually, we don’t have the same types of toys, which disappoints him. When we discovered that the “wacky most funny hairstyle” toy that he always mentions is on Amazon and available for shipping to the Philippines, my sister decided to buy it for him. Considering that there was only one item left on Amazon at the time, it was a now or never thing so she decided to get it.

As with any toy from Play-Doh, the Buzz and Cut set means that the child can use the product to mold and shape into what the theme of the toy is — which, in this case, is a barbershop. There is a high chair for the customer which has a lever that you can twist so that the seat, when paired with a male or female customer that is filled with Play-Doh, makes the product come out of the holes of the customer’s head, producing hair. You can then cut and style it with the toy scissors and razor included with the set. The chair also comes with molds for making bows, extra braided hair, or a mustache.

The set comes with different colors of Play-Doh so that you can make the hair and accessories into many different colors. My nephew enjoys playing with them and coming up with different combinations when he styles his customers. It’s all very cute to look at when you see the finished product. The only disadvantage of all this is that the clean up is a bit difficult. With all the holes in the “customers,” there are too many parts to clean up when you want to start over. The set does not include a tool to pick the residue so we usually end up using a toothpick. You also need to clean the seat after every use because there is usually left-over Play-Doh there too.

It’s too bad that with daily use, the Play-Doh tends to go bad. It dries up with every use and I’m expecting that after a while we would need to buy new tubs of it if my nephew still wants to play with his Buzz 'n Cut set since it is all getting a bit brittle already. Even the color is fading a bit and getting darker, which I suppose is from regular use and accidental mixing of colors.

Even if it can be a bit of a hassle to play this with my nephew and even if there are some things that I’d rather do, I do enjoy taking the time to do so, even if I am often designated as the cleanup person most of the time. There is nothing that can replace the time that we have for the kids. If I have time, and if the kids want to spend time with me, I need to give it to them. They grow up so fast, and next thing you know they’ll be grown-ups and we won’t have time together anymore. I’ll take these moments together while I can have them.

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