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Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Changing the Stereotype

Ladies’ Man. Heartbreaker. Suave and sexy. Romantic lead ideals. Openly gay actors in Hollywood are sure making straight guy roles sexier and more attractive…for me, that is.

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Matthew Bomer, Neil Patrick Harris,, and Jonathan Groff are just a few of the actors who have played guys like that on TV. All of them are openly gay. I never thought I’d see the day that I’d watch an openly gay man play characters usually reserved for straight men. Gone are the days that openly gay male actors like Rupert Everett can only play gay roles or men who are not too masculine. I find it fascinating that the game has changed in that department -- even Everett plays straight roles now!

On one end, I am happy that these gay actors get to do jobs that normally would not be given to them as openly gay men. However, I am not happy that I usually end up crushing on them because I end up feeling bad later that the female of the species has lost a chance on such a good-looking guy. After all, he is a gay actor in real life. Why is life not fair? Why are these hot guys into other guys? 

I have to hand it to these actors: even if I know they are gay I am still very much convinced that they are straight when they play the part – especially Matthew Bomer, who is just way too sexy as a straight guy for me to believe that he’s gay when I first heard about it! Watch White Collar, the Magic Mike movies, In Time, Tru Calling, and all the other TV shows and movies he’s done. He is swoon-worthy!

These guys have really changed the image of what a gay man is. They do not fit a stereotype. They show that there are gay men who are not flamboyant or interested in looking like women. Some of them, like these actors, can actually look and act straight if the role calls for it. If they weren’t open about their sexuality I don’t think I would have known that they were gay.

I think that’s the power of entertainment, right? It’s all storytelling, everyone is playing a role and these actors are doing their job (and they are doing it so well!).

There are so many openly gay actors who play straight guys so well that girls would wish they were straight: there’s Nico Tortorella of the Younger, Luke Evans from Beauty and the Beast, Wentworth Miller from Prison Break, and Luke McFarlane from Killjoys. They have all played men who are hot and sexy and for the last three actors, kick-ass in action scenes as well. I’m sure there are a lot more of them that I’m not aware of and it just blows my mind how it’s not a big deal in Hollywood anymore because these guys get cast as straight male leads for action films and romantic movies.

Will this ever happen in the local entertainment industry? Wouldn’t it be interesting if gay actors in the closet here in the country came out and continued to do the straight roles they do today? I wonder who those actors are and if they ever think the same thing?

Realistically speaking, having in the closet actors in the country coming out is probably not going to happen anytime soon but wouldn’t it be exciting if it did? I think it would be amazing!

This is an old entry from my old blog, edited/updated for this one. Hope you liked it!


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