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Saturday, January 2, 2021

Just Another New Year

The Christmas and New Year celebrations are now over, and everyone will be back to work (or school) by Monday. The holidays were too short for me, and I feel sad knowing that it will be back to the not-so-normal again in a few days. 

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As a friend of mine said on Facebook, we need to remember that the year may have changed, but our situation remains the same. COVID 19 is still here, it did not miraculously disappear just because we are in a new year. We are still in a pandemic and we are all still in danger of getting infected and getting sick. I know that we would all rather forget that it still exists but there is a danger in doing that. We still need to be careful and we still need to take the necessary precautions.

It was very alarming for me to see all the photos on social media of people who were out shopping for the holidays and all the people who were in gatherings where people were more than the number recommended by health officials. I was relieved to see that there are still many friends who have opted to keep their celebrations small and within the immediate family, but it was also disappointing to note that there were many who did not. 

Several people I have seen posts of celebrating the holidays with large groups of people shared captions indicating that they were tested before the celebrations. I think by now we all know that is not a reassurance that you are not infected or that you will not infect anyone else, especially if you were only tested through a rapid blood test. And how can we be sure that you did not get infected in between getting that test, receiving the results, and going to that gathering? What about all the other people who were in that gathering with you? I think that if Kim Kardashian and the rest of her family can be criticized by people for using this “we-were-tested-prior” excuse, then we ordinary people should be held accountable as well. People are still getting sick; people are still dying all over the country and the rest of the world. We need to be responsible for ourselves and for the people we encounter on a day-to-day basis. 

The numbers have been fairly better over the holiday season in our area, although some theorized that this may be due to the possibility that people who are afraid that they were infected opted to not get tested during the holidays for fear of being quarantined during this season. And with so many people going home to the provinces and going back to Metro Manila because of the holidays, it has been predicted by some that cases will increase again in a couple of weeks. I would rather hope that it would not be the case, but it would not hurt to be extra careful and to be more aware of the numbers now that we are all going back to work. 

Holidays aside, I am still feeling a lot of fatigue from this pandemic. I still have a lot of anxiety about the situation and frustration because of how things are going with every aspect of my life because of this pandemic. My life feels like it is on hold. Everything feels so uncertain. My only comfort is that I am working from home, which means I am around people I love the entire time. 

I know people think that working from home makes things easier for me, but it has not been the case. I feel safer, definitely, but work is not easier. If anything, it feels harder. 

I hope this new year will be a better one than last year. I hope we can get vaccinated this year and be protected. Life may never go back to the way it was before, I can at least admit to that, but feeling safe again would be a big relief, that’s for sure.

Happy New Year everyone. 


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