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Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Movie Throwback: Bituing Walang Ningning

Back in the 80s when I was a little girl I was a big Sharon Cuneta fan. I loved her movies and the theme songs that came along with them. One of those movies was Bituing Walang Ningning, which was recently aired on PBO. 

Bituing Walang Ningning is a movie about Dorina, a poor girl who is a fan of superstar singer Lavinia. With the help of Nico, Lavinia's former flame, Dorina eventually becomes a star herself and is popular enough to compete against her idol. In the end, however, she chose to give up her career for a life away from the spotlight with the man she loved. 

This is the movie with the classic line "You're nothing but a second rate, trying hard, copycat!" Anyone who has seen the film will always remember that scene. Twenty years later, people still remember that line and the actress who said it, the amazing Cherie Gil. 

The story of the film is timeless and was remade into a TV series and later into a stage musical. I think it's a story that says a lot about following your dreams and realizing that more often than not it is the simple things in life that really matter. 

My favorite character in the film is actually Gary, a composer who fell in love with Dorina. Played by Joel Torre, Gary wrote one of the songs that I love from the movie, Sana'y Maghintay ang Walang Hanggan. I loved how Gary loved Dorina so much that he gave up his own happiness by making Nico realize that he and Dorina were meant for each other. That was such a touching moment for me. 

Can anyone forget that ending where Dorina calls on Lavinia to sing with her on stage and she gives her sampaguitas like she used to as a fan? That scene brings tears to my eyes! The part where she then gives the stage during the song to go backstage to be with the man she loves...there's so much meaning to that move and the lines of the song in the background! I love it!

It would be nice if this movie can be remade again, this time for the big screen. With the way of being a fan and a celebrity has changed since 1985 when the movie was released, I think that there could be more added to the storyline to make it even better. There's a video that can be bought or rented from YouTube, but I'm not sure about the quality. A digitally restored version of this would be amazing and I would buy it if it was that. 

What do you think?

This is an old entry from my old blog, edited/updated for this one. Hope you liked it!


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