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Book Review: That Weekend in Paris

This is a silly reason to read a book, but when I saw that it was about a country singer and a songwriter, I thought that it would be a good thing to read. Add to that the Paris setting and I immediately thought this would be worth the purchase and the read. If you are interested in a book with those elements, read on for this review of the book That Weekend in Paris by Inglath Cooper.

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In the book, Dillon is on a plane to Paris to get a hold of country star Klein Matthews, in the hope of snatching him up from her ex-husband’s company and into her own. Her marriage had not ended well, and she thought that getting his biggest talent would be a great way to avenge the fact that he cheated on her with a younger woman after suffering from breast cancer.

The idea was simple enough, but then Dillon apparently met Klein before and felt an attraction to him even when she was married. She did not act on it, but there was a spark during the first time they met when she “discovered” him and had her husband sign him to his company. After meeting Klein again in Paris, she then discovers that Klein was attracted to him from the first time they met as well. I think that it does not take a genius to guess where these two go from there.

Klein and Dillon start spending time together in Paris and travel out to the countryside, writing songs together along the way. As romantic as everything starts, the prospect of going back to their respective realities mean that whatever they were feeling for each other on that trip was a one-off thing. Dillon still has to deal with her ex-husband Josh, who seems to be having a change of heart and wants her back. Klein, on the other hand, finds out that his ex-girlfriend had given birth to his child, a child that he thought she had aborted before and was the cause of their breakup. And if that is not complicated enough, Klein’s ex seems to be a psychopath who was secretly poisoning him for breaking up with her and is manipulating him to be with her because of her ambition to be rich and famous. 

The Klein-Dillon love story seems to be a case of love at the wrong time – twice. Eventually, as with all romance novels, they end up happily ever after and become sort of a power couple in the country music scene. 

I wanted to be really into this story, but it did not work for me as much as I wanted it to. I felt that there were some elements that they could have emphasized more. I felt bad because some parts were not necessary for the plot of the story that could have been removed to make room for the parts that I felt were missing. The whole older woman and younger man romance was not even addressed as much, which I felt was something that could have been used a little more in the book. I did, however, love that it dealt with adult relationships and adult problems such as problems when a marriage does not work out or when couples deal with issues such as when one partner has cancer.

As someone who has a special place in my heart for country music, I wish that there were more of that world in this book instead of just introducing their lives in it then moving on to life beyond that. The book does have its moments, but I really wish that there were more to it. It was nice, but it could have been better.


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