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Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Pandemic Diaries: Waiting for My Vaccine

Have you been vaccinated yet?

For many other countries, the vaccination process is already well underway. Friends and family from the US in particular have already been vaccinated, something which I am sure brings a large amount of comfort in these uncertain times.

Image by Ali Raza from Pixabay

Here in the Philippines, we have started the vaccination of healthcare workers and, in some areas, vaccination for senior citizens and persons with co-morbidities.  I am actually very jealous of my friends who have been sharing that they have gotten their first shot of the vaccine already. 

I have already signed up for the vaccine. It’s all very confusing for me because while I was told I should sign up for the vaccine depending on where I live (which I did), I was also allowed to sign up in the area where I vote and work. I have to agree with my sister that it’s not so bad — I can go wherever I get a vaccination schedule first.

According to my friends and relatives who have had their first shot, I need to have a medical certificate and prescriptions from the last six months. I have not been to my doctor in a year so I decided to get some lab work done for my checkup. However, due to a recent issue on a COVID case at the hospital I went to, I backed out on the checkup and opted to do the online consult option instead, something that I am scheduled for tomorrow.  Hopefully, things work out and I can get my certificate. In any case, I checked out the DOH requirements and it did say that my certificate and/or prescription can be from the last 18 months so if things don’t work out, I still have my prescription from last year.

I hope that the schedule for vaccines in our area can happen soon. I have heard rumors that if there are only a few people interested that the schedule may not be as soon as we hope because priority would be for those where a lot of people have signed up. It is frustrating that so far, the anti-vaxxers are still more dominant here than those who are willing — at least based on the people I have talked to anyway.

I do not understand why people here are still hesitant to get the vaccine. Hospitals are full, people are dying. Why would they not want to get the thing that can prevent them from getting a serious case of COVID? 

Honestly, if I can buy the vaccines for my immediate family, I would do it just to make sure that we are all safe from COVID. That is how much I am for the vaccine. I have seen way too many posts from friends of loved ones who have passed away from this disease. I have seen pleas for help because of their rising hospital bills. I really cannot wrap my head around why people would not want to avoid that. Some argue about the efficacy of the vaccines — but isn’t a little of something, a little bit of protection, better than nothing at all?

I have read people who argue that these vaccines so far are only effective for six months. What people do not understand is that these vaccines are new, and of course, in terms of the time frame that is as much as can be confirmed for now. And like I said earlier if it can protect me and prevent severe COVID 19 who am I to refuse?

I am praying that things work out and that I can get vaccinated soon. I can’t wait for that to happen!


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