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Sunday, April 18, 2021

Sunday Update 21: COVID Scare

It has been a difficult week. I had scheduled an online check-up with an app and the doctor did not show up, which meant waiting 2 hours for nothing. I went to the office for two days to work there, something that has always made my anxiety levels go up because I am afraid of the COVID 19 virus. 

For those who have been following my work stories since the pandemic, I used to work one day at work, then the rest at home. Then my boss placed me on the five days at the office schedule, even if the law says I can work from home because of my comorbidities and I can do my job well enough from home. After a while, I resumed a one day a week at the office, but then after my boss said people were jealous of my schedule, he placed me on three days a week at work, with my only concession being that one of those days was only during the morning. I cannot even begin to share how nervous that makes me feel. Looking at my accomplishments from my previous schedule to my current one, I have shaved down my productivity so much because of how worried I am if I am being careful at the office. Can you blame me?

Recently, someone at the office tested positive for COVID. I found out on a Thursday. I had talked to that person at the office several times, and that person even went to my desk to talk at one point. Given that I last saw that person on a Tuesday, and I have not been isolating for the days between Tuesday to Thursday, I was worried that I might have caught the virus or worse, that I might have spread it to my family at home. I could not sleep that night, and my sister advised me to go and get an Antigen test to ease my mind. I went to do that Friday morning.

Image by v-3-5-N-a from Pixabay

Thankfully, my test results were negative. But since it is said that the confirmatory test is an RT-PCR one, I was thankful that the Philippine Red Cross was able to sneak me and my co-workers in for a saliva test this morning. No results yet, but I am hoping for the best.

My biggest concern is the policy at work about being open tomorrow for our customers when none of us have our test results yet. Almost all the employees have expressed their concerns about doing so because it puts other people at risk. I have pointed it out to the powers-that-be and expressed our concerns but to no avail. I am frustrated and scared and my family has refused to let me out of the house until the test results are out, for good reason. 

I have told a co-worker to pick the people to get to report to work. That we will limit the number of people at work as much as possible. We will still be open, but the people there would be the bare minimum. That way we would still be following orders, just that we made some slight “modifications.” At this point, I do not know what is scarier, the insubordination of making that decision without consulting the powers-that-be or the risk that our office is putting other people in because of the decision of people we cannot overrule. I feel like I have done the best I can, given the circumstances. That and pray that all the test results will be negative. 

It’s going to be another sleepless night again for me tonight. That’s for sure.


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