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Saturday, April 24, 2021

The Karaoke Evolution

My family loves to sing. We all got it from our father who always loved to sing and encouraged us to do the same. When I was a little girl, I remember we even had what they called a minus-one/karaoke machine where we could sing our favorite songs from a cassette tape and that you could choose to sing on your own or with a voice guide. You could either use a songbook for the lyrics or sing on your own if you know the song well.

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As I got older, the concept of videoke was born. This was much better and easier since you can watch the lyrics on the TV instead of reading it from a songbook during the minus-one days. I remember going to videoke bars where you could rent a room to sing as much as you want for the booked time you had (much like the Korean noraebang).

Then, of course, the videoke machine came out and this was a constant staple for parties and special occasions here in the province. There is a wide selection of songs (and even accompanying videos) to choose from. It was always fun for me and my family whenever we could rent one of those machines for a special occasion. You also ended up with a score at the end to rate how well you sang it and we used that rating to beat each other when we sang.

For a time, my family and I also tried those karaoke machines that you could hook up to the TV. Those were a bit pricey, and you needed to constantly buy new songs to keep it up to date. Sometimes the accompanying mics also had issues and you could not replace them with just any other mic. It was simply too expensive and a hassle to own or use.

A few years ago, I attended an event where people could videoke using videos found on YouTube. I thought that was a good idea. If you had a TV to cast the video and a sound system with a mic, you were good to go.

A couple of years ago my sister introduced me to a new way to videoke: a Bluetooth mic. You could connect it to your phone via Bluetooth, play a video via YouTube, and you could sing any song you want.

I thought that it was a good idea, so I tried to buy one of those mics online. I got one that was unbelievably cheap at P270.00, and while it does the job, the sound could use some improvement. My sister later got one for our other sister, and that one sounds even better. I also love that it has its own case and that it looks better than the cheap one that I bought. Of course, the better quality comes with a higher price, which I think was not that bad. You get value for your money with this purchase.

I used to be skeptical about the use of these mics since I wasn’t sure how much of the songs we enjoy singing are available on YouTube. Plus, what about the ads right? 

So far, however, I have not encountered issues with song selection and ads have not popped up on the videos so far. I think this is a good option since you do not need to set anything up to use it and it does not use up as much battery per use — we have not run out of battery per use just yet (it has a built-in rechargeable battery).

This mic is so good that we have two at home now. I think this is a good alternative to videoke machines that are available for rent. Given this pandemic, the use of those for rent ones may not be a sanitary option. 

Do you love to sing? What do you think of these Bluetooth mics? Leave a comment below and let me know what you think!


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