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Thursday, April 29, 2021

Twenty Years Promdi

Back in 2001, I got sick and was brought to the ER. It was an unusual experience since the people who brought me were people from work – an officemate and two students from China who just arrived in the country to study (that was what my job was about at the time). When you get sick, the first people you think about (well, for me anyway) is your family. And I was feeling upset that I had none of them around while I was in incredible pain – although I did appreciate that despite the language barrier, one of the students was giving me acupressure on my hand that was helping with the pain while we were on the way to the hospital.

My parents were equally upset that they were not around to help me out. They were already living in the province at the time, and I had chosen to stay because I had a job in Manila. When I went on leave after that ER experience, it was a no-brainer for all of us to have me apply for a job that opened in the province, right in the town that my family had moved to. Twenty years later, I am still here. We may have moved homes a couple of times, but I am still in the province and I am still a “promdi.” In a few years, I would have been promdi more than I have a been a city girl. I never thought that would happen!

Back then I thought that living here would be temporary. I missed my friends. I missed the excitement of the city life and the places I could go to. I thought that once I got another job, a better job, I would move back to the city again and start over. I have had several opportunities to do so, but I still ended up staying here. It is still difficult in a way since most of my friends are in the city, but before the pandemic, I still found a way to see them from time to time. The long travel time was worth it when I got to spend quality time with my friends. It just made the time to see everyone more special because we try to squeeze in as much as we can with what time we had together. Plus, we do have the internet now, so things are really not that bad.

During the early days of my promdi life...

Now that I am here, I am grateful that I decided to stay. I cannot imagine living through this pandemic without my family around me. They are the only people keeping me sane through these scary times. Knowing I am home makes me feel safe and secure. Who would not want that?

There are a lot of things that I miss about city life, but since I can travel to the city when I want or need to (again, pre-pandemic), it is not so bad. I find the provincial life much better for me, especially now that I am older. Things are slower compared to the city. Things are just calmer. It can still get hot, but not as hot as being in the concrete jungle of the city. The cost of living is also lower, which I will always be grateful for. Now that I have finally found myself settled in the province, I cannot imagine why I was so hellbent on going back to the city in the first place.

Life in the province used to be a temporary point in my life because I felt that life was not as exciting here as it is in the city. And yes, there used to be a fear of missing out because I live so far away from my friends but now, I find that it does not matter. I would not trade the peace of mind I have of being here for a life in the city. 

I often hear of people who say they will one day retire to the province for a quiet, peaceful life. Why would I want to go to the city when I already have that? 


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  1. You know what they say, only the person can say where his or her home is.


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