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Sunday, June 6, 2021

The Sunday Update 23: Life Happens

It's been a while since my last post. As much as I wanted to post more often, life happens, and sometimes there just isn't any time for this anymore. Here's a quick update of what I've been up to this past month:

At the Rural Health Center where I got my vaccine...

  • I got vaccinated! - I got my first dose of Sinovac in the middle of last month, and I am due for my second dose next week. It was a straightforward process: registration, orientation, medical evaluation, and vaccination. After about a 15-minute wait to check for immediate side effects, I was given additional information by the doctor about any other things to expect as well as the schedule for my next dose. Apart from achy joints and tummy, a headache, and a slight fever the following day, I was OK.

  • New niece! - My sister gave birth to a baby girl late last April, which I never got to share on this blog. She's a spitting image of her father and is so precious. As much as I want to get close, I try to avoid it since I go to work regularly and I want to make sure I do not infect her with anything I unknowingly catch at the office. 

  • Spending Time with the Kids - I've been busy helping out with the schoolwork of my nephew and niece, which is challenging since a lot of their lessons I don't even remember anymore. I've also been spending a lot of time with my youngest nephew, who helps relieve my stress whenever we play together. Just laughing and being silly with this one is such a welcome relief for me. I really value the time I spend focused on these kids because time flies by so fast. They won't be kids forever so I am enjoying what time I have with them while I can.

  • Growing my Hair - The dry season and the stresses of day-to-day life has tempted me so many times to cut my hair off but I have been putting it off because of a post from Kate about how your hair can be donated to cancer patients. I'm hoping to grow my hair long enough to donate it. Fingers crossed, I can do that this year.

  • Supporting Local Business - My family and I have been supporting a lot of the local food businesses in our area, trying out places that offer deliveries as we discover them. There have been some hits and misses, but I love that we can help and fill our tummies at the same time. I'm just disappointed that some businesses that we supported have had to scale back in a way that we can't support them anymore. 

  • Adulting - My sister and I have been busy doing adulting things for the house: managing the repairs that are needed and trying to minimize the number of repair people entering the house as much as possible for safety reasons. It is a lot of work trying to manage our finances for this along with our daily expenses. While we have gotten some work done, there is still a lot to go that we need to save up on and figure out how to accomplish in this COVID world.

  • These Eyes - I have been relying more and more on my glasses these days. I used to be stubborn about using them because I could still (sort of) read without them but lately, I've needed them more often. How stubborn have I been with this? I have needed glasses since I was in elementary school, but I have hardly worn them.

June marks one year since I went to the doctor for a checkup. I have been taking my maintenance meds religiously. I feel healthier now than I was last year but I am wondering if I should make the "big girl effort" (a term that MUST be credited to Mary Lane Haskell, or specifically, to her mom -- love that!) and go back. My attempt at an online consultation via the DocKoTo app was a big fail so that might be a sign that I should just see my regular doctor again. Maybe after my second dose, give or take a few weeks after, I can go again. 

The past month has been very stressful for me because of work and home responsibilities. Trying to keep everyone happy and address everyone's needs is exhausting physically and mentally (more mentally, to be honest). Sometimes the responsibilities given the current pandemic situation can be such a heavy burden to bear. It makes me wish sometimes that people did not expect as much from me as they do or that maybe I could become more selfish about my time and effort. Unfortunately, I am not wired like that. I don't think I can bear not helping when I can. 

On the work front, I find that I am wishing I was doing something else. I wish I could win the lottery and be financially comfortable enough to quit my job and start working and exploring my dream to be a writer. I wish I could do something else that would be financially better and less stressful than what I am in now. With this pandemic and realizing life can be cut short at any time, I seem to be thinking about things like this a lot. About trying to focus on things that matter, about things that are worth it. 

What have you been up to lately? 



  1. with this new dispensation, i'm sure that you would not find it difficult to find a job in another agency that has embraced this "new" technology. good writers will always be in demand either locally or overseas. live your dream to be a writer in your spare time. apologies for the unsolicited advise. but, yeah, go for it!!😄

  2. No worries, it’s good to get feedback from people removed from my situation to get new opinions/ideas instead of what I am used to hearing.

    Trying to fulfil my writing dreams at the moment by writing a book in my spare time. Hoping to self publish when I finish!


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