Tuesday, August 10, 2021

App Review: The Pattern

One of the things that I have always been curious about studying an individual's personality and have insights into what makes a certain person tick. I remember when I was younger that I was curious about people who credit certain traits to people because of their zodiac signs (be it the Western or the Chinese ones). I still find it interesting that people think that can analyze one's personality by your date and time of birth. 

I recently discovered an app that takes that personality insight to the next level by giving you an in-depth analysis using not just your date and time of birth, but your place of birth as well. The app is called The Pattern and is available on Google Play and the App Store. Channing Tatum talked about the app online a few years ago and he was featured on Access News because of it:

Not to be confused with horoscopes, The Pattern does not predict your future or give advice on what they think will happen to you at a given time. It mostly takes a closer look at what it believes to be your personality based on the factors that you have provided. They also use these insights to help guide you on how to best harness your personal traits toward what they believe would be the best timing for you based on your personal "cycle." 

What the app does that I found interesting is analyzing your personality in comparison with another person (via the Bonds feature) to see how the two of you will click as friends or romantic partners. Basically, it takes your personality insights and sees how similar or different you are from the other person to gauge what kind of relationship you can have together. The only catch is you have to know the other person's details (don't worry, the time of birth is optional).

If the app is as accurate as a lot of people think, it could help those people who are entering a new relationship to find out if the other person is right for them. Or it could help you improve your relationship with a friend or family member because you will have a deeper understanding of that person.

I tried this and I have to agree that their analysis of my personality was very accurate. I haven't tried using the daily guide yet, but I have tried their Bonds feature. If it is as accurate for me as it is as it could be for other people, I just found out that Daniel Henney (the man that inspired this blog title) and I are unfortunately a complex pair. According to the app, we are basically just two different people for us to work out romantically. I did, however, find that romantically I could have a meaningful relationship with someone else. This was one that I did not think would be compatible. I guess we'll see where that goes. If that works out, then the app is definitely the real deal. It all still sounds very new age-y and weird to me, but I am amused by the results that came out. Even my niece agrees that when I used it on her (I added her as a contact, which you can do on the app), her personality as described there was creepily accurate. 

One thing to note is that you cannot use the romantic bond option if you are under 18. We tried using it on my niece and Jungkook of BTS and it would not allow it because she is only 16. It said that they could be epic friends though, so that was good enough for her.

If you want to amuse yourself with a personality analysis that you can also use on other people, you should check out this app. It also has a paid option where they give you an even deeper analysis of your personality and the dynamics of a possible friendship or relationship with other people. A dating feature with other app users using your patterns is also available, but that seems to have a waiting list. 

If you have tried the app already, please leave me a message and tell me your experience with it!


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