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Monday, August 16, 2021

My Tarot Reading Experience

My niece bought a deck of tarot cards online. She said that she bought it because she was curious and wanted to try it. I have had my fortune told before but the fortune-teller used an ordinary deck of cards. I have never taken these things seriously because that last person told me that I would marry someone foreign and that I would have to choose to be with that man from another country and be away from my family and my comfort zone or stay put. That hasn’t happened (yet).

Anyway, my niece has been experimenting with it, searching online about how to use and interpret the cards. I decided to give it a try so I asked her to give me a reading. Apparently, you can have your cards read with a yes or no question (by choosing one card) or by having it read on a spread of several cards (my niece is only familiar with using 5 cards right now).

Using the 5-card spread, my niece asked me to think about what I want answers about and asked me to draw five cards. I drew the following:

  • Queen of Swords
  • Two of Cups
  • The High Priestess
  • The Moon
  • Five of Coins

My niece then went to her reference material to interpret the cards. She refused to ask me what my question was about so that she could give an unbiased interpretation and reading. Based on my cards, this was her reading:

As my question was about love, the Queen of Swords meant that if there is someone whose heart I’d like to win, I need patience, as this person does not easily let down his guard. I take it to mean that the one for me would be someone guarded, and I need to be patient with him. That’s fine. 

The Two of Cups symbolizes the beginnings of partnerships of any kind and suggests a mutually beneficial relationship, one where the partners encourage one another to do their very best. Since I asked if I can still have someone in my life, I liked this answer. I think that means yes -- right? 

The High Priestess talks of a person (me or the guy?) having a calm surface that can hide intense emotions, and even seemingly simple dates can turn into raging passions. It suggests that one needs patience, and I need to trust my intuition. Honesty is important. Really, this could go either way. It could describe me, but it could also describe the guy since the first card said I need to be patient. I’ve been patient with being alone for so long, I think I can be patient with this.

The Moon, on the other hand, is asking if things are hiding in my unconscious affecting my ability to accept love. Are my past relationships haunting me? Have I lost faith in love? Do I think I am unworthy of love? I have to resolve this to have a relationship. This, to be honest, is something I have been working on. I think daily meditation and journaling have been helping me a lot with this. 

The Five of Coins (or Pentacles) is said to be a negative sign. According to my niece, it is the only negative card I got from the deck. In terms of love, it symbolizes my thinking that I will never find the love I am searching for and I am ready to give up the search and will give in to my loneliness. But it also symbolizes that my thinking can be a self-fulfilling prophecy and I need to change my way of thinking. Like the Moon card, I think this means I really need to change my way of thinking to get the kind of life that I want. I’m working on that. 

The interesting part about this reading is that a few weeks after my niece gave me the reading, I decided that I wanted to blog about it but I couldn’t remember the cards that were read to me. My niece wasn’t sure either. But when she did another reading for me we were both freaked out because we recognized the cards and the interpretations that were read. I got the same cards! I mean, sure, I asked the same question, but still. For the same cards to come out was very interesting!

Have any of you had your fortune read this way? What did you think of it?

*Interpretations/Readings via Labryinthos


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