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Monday, August 2, 2021

Once a Boy Band Fan, Always a Boy Band Fan

My old classmate and I were talking recently about how we are now fans of BTS. I remarked that, although these boys from Korea are younger than us and we are definitely not their target market, we still love them. I guess that means that once you're a boy band fan, you're always a boy band fan. She agreed. 

I couldn't help but look back on all the boy bands that I've loved throughout the years. I became a fan very early. If I remember correctly I must have been about seven or eight years old when I first discovered this pop culture phenomenon. Now, decades later, I am (surprisingly) still a fan of boy bands (well, one particular boy band anyway). 

Let me share a list of the boy bands I've loved through the years. Let me know if any of them were your favorites too!

Menudo - This was my introduction to being a boy band fangirl. I fell in love with the music, the dancing, AND Ricky Martin. I remember crying when my parents would not allow me to see a concert, and I was saying that I would marry Ricky Martin one day. Obviously, that never happened (haha). I still have a soft spot for these guys so I later on supported their solo efforts (for Rob Rosa and Ricky Martin). 

New Kids on the Block - This was the group for me after Menudo. I remember saving up money from my allowance just so I could go see them in concert (since my parents still would not allow me to spend money on their show). I even had a friend who lent me her collection of videos that were filled with performances and behind-the-scenes footage of the guys that she got from the US. Without the internet back then, that was the best I could get! Loved a lot of their songs, I even bought a DVD collection of their music videos when I was finally working so that I could have something to remember them by.

Boyzone - When I was in college, I was in love with guys from Boyzone and the music. I never got to see them in concert until recently though, but I made up for it by going to their shows in the Mall of Asia Arena. I even got to meet them backstage, a great way to cap my being a fan as they ended their time as a group. Again, this is a group whose songs I loved. I don't care if they can dance or not like the other boy bands, I just loved the music and the group itself. 

NSYNC - I was a fan of NSYNC back when they were starting, although I think I became a bigger fan near the end of them as a group. I loved their music and the solo pursuits of a couple of the guys in the group. If there was one of these older boy bands that I regret not seeing live, it would have to be them. Their vocal harmonies and their stage performances have always been epic. That would have been something to see, I am still hoping they could have a reunion one day and I could go and see it.

Special Mention: Backstreet Boys, 98 Degrees, Westlife - Back when I was in college I think I was a bigger fan of Backstreet Boys than NSYNC, but in the end, I loved NSYNC more (sorry), to the point that I knew all their songs by heart. As for 98 Degrees, I was a big fan of their harmonies, it's too bad I did not like all their songs as much, there was only a select few that I loved from them. Oh, and Westlife had a lot of songs that I loved post-Boyzone.

BTS - These days, as I'm sure many of the people who follow me on social media are aware, I am now a big fan of BTS. I had said that I liked their music in the past when my niece first introduced me to the group, but this time I can truly say that I have become a fan. I think Big Hit./Hybe combined the things that I have loved from the other boy bands that I have followed through the years and put them in one group: amazing performances and music videos, meaningful songs that have touched me despite the language barrier, and a group of young men that are all too easy to love and admire. If they ever come up with a song that has the vocal harmonies that I love from the boy bands I mentioned here, that would make them the kings of my boy band fangirl life! They have been teasing fans with these harmonies in their covers of Fix You and I'll Be Missing You...I would love to hear them have their own song that features a lot of that (yes, something like Film Out). It would make me so excited to hear that!

As with every boy band, I love them all but I do have my favorites! Most of the time it is not the expected member that I love the most. It's usually not the leader or main vocalist of the band (except for Ronan Keating from Boyzone, I was gaga for that one). For Menudo and NKOTB (and BSB), my favorite was the youngest (Ricky Martin, Joe McIntyre, Nick Carter). For NSYNC, it was JC Chasez. Oddly enough, I did not have a favorite in 98 Degrees and Westlife (go figure). 

With BTS, I have a Hyung Line fave (Suga) and a Maknae Line fave (Taehyung). A special mention would have to go to Jimin, who I like to think of as my child from another life, my Baby Mochi (if you will). He sort of reminds me of a younger me, a male version of that. I can't help but root for him because of it!

I think boy bands are not always taken so seriously by award-giving bodies but when you take a closer look at them you have to admit that these are people with a lot of talent and who put in a lot of work to make it big. Some people put these groups down just because they are boy bands. I wish that these groups would get the recognition that they deserve. Not all boy bands are created equal I know, but I wish people would give credit where credit is due (especially with BTS, whose songs, performances, and videos have unbelievably good production value every single time).

What do you think?


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