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Monday, August 9, 2021

Sworkit Journey Update

I have been overweight for a long time now. I have always gone up and down the scale from the time I got out of college, and I tend to eat my feelings when I am stressed out. But for the past few years, it seemed that I have not gotten below the numbers that I had been on. Despite that, I did not take it seriously. 

There was a time when I used to work out regularly, and I loved it. But after gaining weight post- thyroid surgery and struggling with it, I just stopped caring. I did not take any action to correct it. Not even when my doctor said I was at risk of getting a heart attack (all I did was take maintenance meds). It was only during the beginning of this pandemic that I started to get scared and decided to actively take care of my health through regular exercise. At first, it was just to stay healthy enough until I got vaccinated but now that I am, it is also to stay healthy but for it to be the long-term goal for the rest of my life.

Image by AndiP from Pixabay

In a previous post, I shared that I have been using Sworkit to work out regularly. Depending on the type of program I am on, I can work three or five times a week, at 20-30 minutes per workout. The type of workouts varies as well from HIIT to yoga and pilates to barre. I love the variety and I think that it helps me to not get bored with it as time goes on. 

At first, I thought that the workouts were challenging but were not effective (because sometimes I have to do variations of the workout since I am on the 2nd floor of our house and I tend to get heard and felt downstairs if I jump around too much). I was wrong. After a while, I was starting to see results from the regular exercise I have been getting: my pants (and shorts) have been looser and I often have to pull them up to keep them from hanging too low. I thought I was imagining things and that maybe they were just worn out from too many washes but I decided to weigh myself and realized that I did lose weight! 

Another thing I noticed since working out is that I noticed that my thighs are smaller and firmer. I thought I was OK with how they looked in the past, but I am liking what I see now. I also appreciate the fact that the workouts for some reason have helped me feel more grounded and that my posture has improved a lot since I started.

All these improvements have encouraged me to keep on going with this whole routine. It can be challenging sometimes but I have also included regular sessions on the elliptical to complement my Sworkit workout. I decided to use two more apps to help complement my fitness journey.

I have decided to track my food intake with the app called MyFitnessPal to make sure that I am eating right and just enough for what my body needs every day. I had noticed that when I first used it recently, I was eating way more than I should and that a lot of them were empty calories with no nutritional value. If anything this app has made me more conscious about what I eat and which food can be good for me or not. 

Another app, Zero, helps me to go on Intermittent Fasting by tracking my eating and fasting windows. So far I have been consistent with it by going on 16-hour fasts, but sometimes I tend to go on for an hour or two longer when I feel that I can. I'm hoping that these apps help me to lose even more weight so that I can be healthier. I have not felt this healthy in a while, and I know that this can still get better. I really want that for myself!

One of these days I will share before and after photos from this fitness journey that I am on. I really don't want to pressure myself, so I don't know when that will be. Plus, I would rather do this slowly so that I can keep it off than go fast then gain it all back again. Once I feel that the change in appearance is significant, I will be sure to share it!


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