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Sunday, September 5, 2021

The Sunday Update 25: These Dreams

I’ve been having unusual dreams lately about one particular person. It’s unusual in the sense that the dreams I have been having all feel connected to one another but at the same time they’re not. I guess it’s mostly being that it involves the same person and me feeling a connection with that particular person than the events of the dreams being in any particular order with each other.

It feels weird to be writing it all down and sharing it online but I feel like with how dreams go I might forget about them eventually if I don’t save them somewhere. I know it would seem cheesy and corny but the whole situation reminds me of the movie In My Dreams, which I reviewed on this blog last year. 

I can’t say that the movie influenced my dreams in any way since the last time I actually saw the movie was years ago, but the concept of it was similar to my experience because like the character in the movie, I have been dreaming of someone who in my dreams appears to be my true love.

In the movie, the characters made a wish on a magical fountain. That wish makes them dream about their true love for seven straight nights and in that time they need to make the dream a reality somehow. While I don’t have a magic fountain and I haven’t dreamt of the person in seven straight nights, I still can’t help but be reminded of this movie.

My first dream about this person was probably a year or more ago. In the dream I was vacationing overseas and I met a local who invited me to a party, where I met this guy. In that dream, meeting that person gave this spark of recognition for me, like he was “the one.” We had a conversation and then I woke up.

Fast forward to last week. I had another dream. This time I was attending an event and I had a seat next to this guy and a friend. We talked to each other, took pictures together after the event, and after that I was surprised to realize that we were holding hands. OK, more like two of his fingers were clasping two of mine, to be specific. I woke up after that. It was weird but I just knew it was the same guy from the previous dream. Everything was blurry, but I knew it was him.

Then, last Friday, I had yet another dream with the same person. This was an even weirder dream. I had dinner with a couple of people and had ended up drunk as I was leaving the restaurant. In my dream, he saw me drunkenly making my way out of the restaurant and he walked up to me to have a conversation, apparently in an attempt to help me sober up before I actually left. I woke up at that moment but one thing I could not forget was the guy’s smile. I think I’d recognize that smile if I saw it in person.

This morning I was surprised to wake up from another dream, again with the same person. That makes it two nights in a row now. We were at a party and I was trying to convince him to give me the answer to one of the games we were playing there and we ended up kissing…and then — you guessed it — I woke up. It was the same guy. Same smile. One thing I noticed this time around was that he was really tall. 

Maybe I just have an overactive imagination. Maybe the dream is just that: a dream. Maybe there’s a psychological explanation to all this. It could mean something or it could mean absolutely nothing. I don’t know for sure and honestly, part of me doesn’t want to know either. I just know that if I keep dreaming of this guy and I keep waking up to the feeling that I get after these dreams, I will be looking forward to my sleep every night. These days, I will take any good thing I can get. 

Now if the dreams are a sign of something similar to the movie I mentioned, if that means this guy exists in real life and I will be meeting him soon, then even better right?


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