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Monday, February 17, 2020

To 4 Decades More

This week I celebrate another year of life. I look at old pictures of myself and I wonder how I got from there to here. How this little girl who was starting school at the age of three is now in a job she’s been in for so many years. I don’t think this little kid knew what she was signing up for when she started her path to growing up! Oh’s been a wild ride. Something that I am grateful to have every single day that I am blessed with it! 

I have always been a sickly kid. I remember talking to an old classmate who still remembers the time when I got sick in elementary school where I had fainted (I could not remember, everyone apparently does though) and was hospitalized. I think that was a turning point for me. There were a series of tests and I found out that I had heart disease. I had already suffered from asthma during my childhood so you can imagine how worried my parents were about me. I think they started being overprotective about my health at around that time. Their overprotectiveness made me a little paranoid about my life expectancy. I remember having an older cousin die early (in his 20s) and being scared that my fate would be the same too. That I would not live beyond my 20s. 

Back in high school, I was exempted from PE. I was also exempted from CAT (Citizen’s Army Training, if I’m not mistaken) because of my health issues. It was frustrating because no matter how much I wanted to try to fit in and try to do things that the healthy kids do, my parents would talk me out of it (and present the school with a medical certificate to back them up). I may have rebelled a bit by becoming a dancer in high school and a cheerleader in college without my parents' knowledge but I had to give it up later on when all the work started to affect my health. At least I didn’t get an “I told you so.” 

My post college years were good to me health-wise. My previous jobs were in marketing and it required a lot of late nights that led to early mornings at work, something that probably did not suit a person who was not as healthy as everyone else. However, I think that I was at my best physically when I quit my marketing job because I didn’t get as sick as often as I used to. I could have helped that I had moved to the province (less pollution and traffic) and that I was eating healthier (at the time fast food was nonexistent where I had moved).  

Still, some good things never last. I was diagnosed with thyroid disease and had a bit of a cancer scare. There were growths on my thyroid that had to be removed via surgery (along with most of my thyroid). Thankfully, tests showed the growths were benign, but that was the start of my struggles with my weight. Managing my thyroid levels post-surgery had its challenges and to this day it’s the weight issue that has been bothering me the most because it has led to other issues such as bone loss (which has caused me to lose a couple of teeth), diabetes, and complications with my heart condition, among other things.  

Most recently, I discovered that I had several growths in my reproductive area. Uterine fibroids. They were small, but they were a lot and this was what was causing me to have a large belly. The doctor said my uterus has become big enough for someone 4 months pregnant because of it. I’ve been told there is nothing to worry about, that it is something that disappears during menopause. That surgery would only be necessary if there was any pain (there is none). Still, the possibility of surgery is looming in the air. I’d rather not have another one if I could. 

With every health issue that I’ve had, every day is an extra day of life for me. I feel that every day is a bonus round. I have had so many health issues that could have taken me off this earth at any time but I am still here, and I am grateful for it. I hope to have many more days and years to come. I want to see my nieces and nephews grow up, graduate from school, get jobs, and have families of their own. I want to publish the books I am writing. There is so much that I still want to do. I wouldn't mind decades of life more with the people that I love.

To anyone reading this who has not had health issues like mine: make the most out of it. There are people like me who wish that we could be like you.  For the rest who are like me, let’s do what we can to make the most of what was given to us. Let us appreciate what we have and work around it so that we can have the lives we want and deserve. 

As they said in the movie Dead Poets Society, “Carpe Diem! Seize the day! Make your life interesting!” 



  1. I stumbled upon your blog after looking for some reviews on the Percy Laureti bag and I am hooked. :)
    I read your "Not Quite the Bucket List" entry and my answer to your question at the end is that I've always wanted to start a blog/journal but I can't seem to find the confidence to begin. Or maybe because it so hard for me to be consistent at doing something.

    Anyway, I love your page. Its minimalist theme radiates a kind of peace that is inspiring. Thank you! :)

  2. Thank you Donna for your comment!

    I haven't posted anything in a while but after reading your message, I'm looking forward to blogging again soon!

    I hope you can start a blog soon, if you do please let me know! If you need help with it, leave me a message on my Facebook page or on IG and I'll try to help you with it if I can!

    Stay safe!


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