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Monday, January 10, 2022

January '22 Playlist: Sing with Me

Any person who knows me well would know that I love music, which is why I have playlists that I feature on this blog. I don’t think I can go a day without listening to music. Plus, as a Filipino, it is a part of the culture to enjoy singing as a pastime, which is why we normally have karaoke sessions when we have parties or get-togethers.  As someone who has had my share of these karaoke experiences, I have a list of songs that I often sing during these times.

Photo by JacksonDavid on Pixabay

Honestly, I did not know that I sang them often until my sister started choosing songs for me and saying she knows which ones I usually sing. Here are some of my old favorites along with some new ones that I sing during these karaoke sessions:

White Flag (Dido) - This is the song that my sister says I sing the most. Maybe it was because I could relate to this once upon a time and would not stop singing it until I was over the other party concerned? I don’t even remember singing this a lot back then but obviously, my sisters do. 

Give Me One Reason (Tracy Chapman) - This one I know I sing a lot. For one thing, it’s a low-pitched song, which is a good fit for my voice. Another reason is that I just find the style of the song really relaxed and if I may say so, really sexy. 

Superbass (Nicki Minaj) - This is a song I did not really choose for myself. I don’t really know how and why it happened, but my sisters at some point thought that I could rap and picked this song out for me. Since then I have been choosing this song because if I didn’t, my sisters would choose it for me anyway.

Starships (Nicki Minaj) - Again, like Superbass, this is another song that my sisters would often choose for me because of my rapping (?!) skills.

Sweet Love (Anita Baker) - I know this song is old but I just love singing to this one. It’s a bit high but I try to make it work because I love it so much!

Everyday (Agot Isidro) - Now this one I can admit is my signature song. I don’t know how this got started, but I sing so often that I think I can sing it without the lyrics (and even in my sleep, hahaha).

Forever Blue (Cacai Velasquez) - This song I do often because my officemates always ask me to sing it whenever we have our parties. I guess I started singing it when I was heartbroken at some point (see White Flag) and people just liked the way I did it?

Landslide (The Chicks) - This is one of those songs that is easy to sing, it’s not hard to include it on my list of go-to songs.

Last Name (Carrie Underwood) - This is hard to sing, but I find it fun to do so. I like the story and I like that country really has a different way of singing compared to other genres. The storytelling way these songs are performed is just fun to try to copy!

Dangerously In Love (Beyonce) - Before you think I can sing like a diva, I have to be clear that I sing this at a lower pitch, and even then, I find it hard to reach it. Still, I like singing this because I am in love with this song. 

6, 8, 12 (Brian McKnight) - Here in the Philippines, we have this term called “hugot,” which means words or songs that really pull at your heartstrings. This is one song that gives hugot feels for me, which is why I love singing it. 

Christmas Tree (V) - This is a fairly new song, but during this past holiday season I have sung this one a number of times already. I loved it since I heard it on Our Beloved Summer so when the song came out and I got the lyrics, I have not stopped singing along to it on Spotify!

Leave Your Lover (Sam Smith) - Another hugot track that I love to sing on karaoke, mostly because it’s in a pitch my voice can handle. 

Babe (Taylor Swift) - I loved this song even when it was just the Sugarland version but loved it more when Taylor Swift (who wrote the song) came out with her take on it. 

Secret Love Song, Pt. II (Little Mix) - Again, another hugot track. I guess I like those types of songs on karaoke (but who doesn’t?).

Love the Way You Lie Pt, 2 (Rihanna, Eminem) - This song is here for a weird reason. I find both Love the Way You Lie songs intense, but there’s something about performing Rihanna’s part while pretending I am performing with Eminem himself that I love about it (a girl can dream). 

Lose You to Love Me (Selena Gomez) - I am in love with this song. It sounds so raw and so real and it just makes my heart want to break whenever I hear it – which makes me love singing it. 

Araw Gabi (Troy Laureta feat. Loren Allred) - I’ve loved the original track but this version is so good to sing along to. I can’t reach the high notes without going falsetto on it, but I love doing it anyway.

Love on the Brain (Rihanna) - There’s something about this song that makes me love singing it. I find it to be a really sexy song and I love singing it like I’m a singer in some old-time jazz club or something like that. 

Piece by Piece (Kelly Clarkson - Idol Version) - Now THIS is the ultimate karaoke song for me. I cried hearing this song the first time and I just knew this was something I’d want to sing on karaoke one day (so I did). 

What about you? What songs do you like to sing?


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