Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Product Review: Three-in-One HiFu Device

In an earlier episode of The Fandesals Podcast (currently on Google, Apple and Spotify and also on YouTube), we discussed the topic of aesthetic services. During the pandemic I tried the "at-home" approach and bought items I could use to get the similar experience at home. I decided to recycle an old post from an earlier version of my blog related to this. The episode on Spotify is embedded at the end of this post. Enjoy!

As I have been posting about last year, I have been focusing on working out more during this pandemic. Mostly just to make sure that I stay healthy enough so that my body/immune system would be strong enough during these crazy times. One positive effect of this practice has been weight loss. I have lost a lot of weight in the past few months as a result of diet and exercise and one thing that I made sure to pay attention to was my worry about sagging skin on my face. One thing I’ve noticed about people who lose a lot of weight is that they tend to look older in the face after so I thought I’d make sure that it did not happen to me. This is where this product from Kissed Beauty MNL comes in: the Mini HiFu portable device.

I had heard about the concept of using high-focused ultrasound to make your face firmer and slimmer before but it was only when I was going through some stores on Instagram that I learned that there were devices that you could buy for home use. When I discovered this device, I had messaged several stores before I finally decided to buy it from Kissed Beauty Manila. They were very easy to contact and were able to give me all the information I needed to know about the product. An added bonus was that I could pay via credit card, which I preferred since I would rather not go out to pay for it or use cash to pay a delivery person. They have been very helpful from the purchase to the delivery process, along with the after-service when I had a lot of questions during the first time I was using it. 

According to the store, the device is three-in-one: a HiFu, RF, and LED device and at the time, I bought it for P5,999.00. I had been using another device for the purpose of slimming and firming but I wasn’t seeing any results so I decided to try this.

As per the store’s message to me, the device can be used 20-30 minutes per session for the whole face and neck area. They even have a video on Instagram that you can follow on how to use it. You can use it once every 15 days until you reach your target result and then switch to using it every three months as maintenance.  A gel needs to be used along with it for it to be effective. 

I searched online for how other people were using similar devices and I saw that someone was using it once a week so I tried doing that at first. I did it for three months before switching to the every 15 days recommendation of the store. If you check out my previous post on my weight loss, you can see that there is a significant change in my face but that it has not sagged even with all the weight lost. I feel that I still have a long way to go so I will keep doing the every two weeks thing until I reach my goal weight then switch to the maintenance mode after.

For those who are interested, I have to note that there are two ways to use the device: you can slide the device slowly across your skin or do one part of your skin at a time. Given that the device gives a bit of a poking feeling because of the current, I opted to do the sliding motion instead. If you have a low tolerance for pain, I wouldn’t advise using this (or even doing this at the spa/skin clinics) because it can get a bit painful. There are also different levels to using it depending on which part of the face you are using it on. The device comes with a guide for that so it’s best to read it all before trying it. 

Another thing that should be noted is that there are people who are not allowed to use HiFu devices for health reasons so please do your research before purchasing the device. Also, remember that you are doing this at your own risk. If you are unsure of the safety of using this please do consult your doctor first. I am not a medical professional so I am not recommending this due to some level of expertise or anything like that. I’m just an ordinary person who tried a product that worked for me. 

For all the people who have read my Cavi EMS post, this device might be a safer bet if you want to work on your face for slimming. Still, I have to note that the slimming part was also partly due to diet and exercise, so please do not think that you only have to use this device to get the amount of slimming that I got with my face. It also wasn’t something that happened instantly. It was more of a gradual change. The device works, it just doesn’t perform miracles that way!


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