Monday, January 16, 2023

Instagram Accounts I Love

When I first started blogging, it was about following fellow bloggers, and fellow writers. Real people who talk about their lives and their experiences. Gradually, bloggers started to fade away and attention shifted to social media where people suddenly became influencers, personalities, and celebrities themselves. There are so many people that you can follow online on an entire range of different platforms. To be honest, it feels overwhelming to me the number of social media platforms you can be on. I have come to realize, however, that if a social media personality is big enough, they usually have accounts on every platform and that the content is usually the same everywhere. Since then, I have decided to follow the people I like on the platforms that I am most used to (specifically on Instagram and YouTube).

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My friend Judith and I talked about social media accounts/personalities that we have been following on an episode of the Fandesals Podcast (episode embedded below). While we have talked about diverse types of social media accounts in the episode, for this post I just want to share five of the accounts I follow on Instagram that I failed to mention in our podcast: 

@mejiwoo103 – I discovered social media influencer Jiwoo through the BTS fandom because she is the older sister of J-Hope. I may have started out following her because of that sibling connection, but I have found myself following her because of my interest in what she does. I admire the fact that she is an accomplished businessperson and owner of her own fashion company and that she also has the time to be an online personality with her Instagram account and YouTube channel.

@snoopygrams – I am a big Snoopy fan. I have been following this account for a while now because they always share these cute posts that fit whatever season or occasion is going on at the time. There are also comic strips of the rest of the Peanuts that I enjoy reading. As an official account, it also promotes Snoopy merchandise from time to time. I do not mind since they do not post promotional entries like that too often to be annoying. 

@recipe_tin – When I first started trying to cook at home, one of the first sites that I went to was Recipe Tin Eats. I discovered that she had an Instagram account and since then, I have been following the account for the recipes that I enjoyed discovering on her website. I am hoping that the book that she is promoting (which is not yet available for sale in my area) will be something I can buy soon because I am a major fan. 

@ssantokki_xxi – I have been a fan of Sandara Park since she was a winner of a star search contest in the Philippines. I have followed her career since her days in the Philippines to her transition to a KPop star in the group 2NE1 and now as a solo artist. I have always liked her personality and followed her on both her official account and this one, which she says is for her fans. 

@women_ofhistory – I have always had a bit of interest in history so when I discovered this account, I have been following it ever since. It is an account that features notable women in history and gives the readers a lesson on who they are and their significance in world history. The bio for the account says it is by someone who has an MA in history and the account aims to show world history as experienced by women, which is interesting for me because I feel that what we have learned in school has been from a male perspective. 

I find it interesting to learn about the social media accounts that my friends follow because I learn about their interests and what their personalities may be like apart from what I know about them. I hope that by sharing the accounts that I follow on Instagram here; I am also able to share a part of myself with all of you. If by sharing these accounts on this post I have been able to influence you to follow them, that would be great!

For more social media accounts that I follow, you can check out the Fandesals Podcast episode below. Enjoy!


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